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  1. Inner: LinK ___________________________________________________ Or slight darkness : Link ___________________________________________________ Outer: Link _____________________________________________________________ Button Color : #1c7693 `( a different button color can be used as desired ) I hope you like it thanks
  2. Inner: LinK Or light color : LinK Outer: LinK Button Color : #1cc8be Prewiev : xat.Com/Tasarim NOTE : THE outer bAckground has beeN modified. Css coDing is not necessary. Background links can fulfill this task. I hope you like it. thanks !
  3. Ediz


    Ediz (372373737)
  4. hey Jean <3 good work bro
  5. 1- Link 2- Double Color Link & Link Credit : Link
  6. Ediz


    I know to make a gif , __________________________ Skills 3d ,4d , cube , sphere why did you ask bro ?
  7. Paul ________________ Link " Render " _____________________________________________________ Agustina ________________ Link " Render " additions = "Agustina", PcBack design added...
  8. The background used for the competition was shared within 4 hours. You communicated this message within 1 hour. This is beautiful. I missed the silence ^-^
  9. I just gave my views on the design. He can do the defense himself. not you
  10. Wow nice work ßro , grats. But I see more than one colors here. It's like a celebration. ___________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Yes i really like it very much. But as I said. Colors are very charismatic Good luck bro ,
  11. My friend @Ju4nFX is nice to see you here. Welcome and thank you for sharing ... (:
  12. Pcback! - Link - Good Luck '
  13. As I said yes, just the loading error (: Sory ⇜ @Ethan and thank u @Navith ⇜ for your attention ◕‿◕
  14. I admire you and your attention @Navith You can be sure there's a loading error. I will correct the situation. Of course when I go to the computer desk (: thank u
  15. Inner Background Outer Background Button Color = #043559 Good Luck to Everyone `
  16. The designs look very nice. it excites me (: good luck all competitors !
  17. Hi @iRhea Nice work , grats...
  18. Ediz

    Free Templates

    Hi ßro @Manu Nice job and very good templates , Thank you for your contribution..
  19. Hi Reyy , Nice Designs bro , thank u Thanks for the venture. This is a gift for you @Reyy > Click <
  20. Ediz

    My Design

    name and logo shadows do not match' Quote from smiley shadow . Colors are compatible. this is nice...
  21. Congratulations all new xat volunteer , @Kyle @Junior @Chelly
  22. yup , very romantic : )) @Defne
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