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  1. Ediz

    My Design Works

    I do made free pcback gift design for @CarlosDesigns and free gift signature gif for @JeanGraphics
  2. Ediz


    Ediz (372373737)
  3. Ediz

    My Design Works

    emotional moments ?
  4. Ediz

    My Design Works

    My Design Works These are My Design Works ` Ediz ` I hope you like it ` t h a n k s . . .
  5. Ediz (372373737) Number: 16 http://prntscr.com/gobgna
  6. Hello @JeanGraphics ! This is an excellent work. This color harmony and lighting are really compatible. I like that very much . Thank you very much for this gift and excellent work.
  7. Ediz

    A bit of my work

    nice work , @Arih grats
  8. 10 minute ago xD hahaha joke : ) what is your favorite Word?
  9. I want to die in sleep what are your favorite 3 colors?
  10. Verious and Turkish ayran how old do you want to be?
  11. Goodbye Xat . - Where do you want to live?
  12. If you are in the middle of the sea, what are the 3 things you need ?
  13. of course , fried chicken
  14. Yes I know , 3d, 4d, sphere, cube ,cylinder, pyramid, and the like .. @Bau

  15. Yeah I can login now :o

  16. Ediz

    My designs

    this is really good work. congratulations @Manu ^ - ^
  17. Happy birthday " Jayden !

  18. I congratulate the winners of the contest and the companions who participated in the contest. the excitement of this contest is indeed priceless... I congratulate the winners and Thank's @LaFleur
  19. Ediz


    Ediz (372373737)
  20. Wow ı like it All ! Grats
  21. Hi bro @JeanGraphics is very nice of your work !! Grats.. I did it for you. I hope you like it ~ & it is really nice to see you here ` wellcome
  22. Amendments: " Xat's Official International Chat " & " xat's Official International Chat " Additions : Similar , light colored inner background added. Done`
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