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  1. Ediz

    My Design Works

    Get help with xat / HALLOWEEN İNNER BACKGROUND (:
  2. Ediz

    My Design Works

    xat's testing chat / İNNER BACKGROUND (:
  3. Second Entry inner Link Outer Link Button color : #094365 These background just is for only xat Aiuto !
  4. Inner : Link Outer : Link Button Color = #0d6fa5 or a different button color can be used as desired Not : These background just is for only xat Aiuto. G o o d l u c k
  5. Good Night Everyonee !! 

    1. YuanWang


      Goodnight :d

    2. Bau


      Gn Ediz(a) (hug) 

  6. Ediz

    My Design Works

    xat's Official International Chat / inner Background (:
  7. I hope that they will show us their work in the near future..
  8. I thought it was a good idea. Yes, the official sites is hosting a background competition (sometimes). But, does this topic prevent these competitions ? @Manu
  9. Prize received, thank you @iMoHd for doing this contest !! http://prntscr.com/gqy8si
  10. good idea. thus providing design and development. and at the same time increases skill. And an exciting topic. I liked it. +1
  11. Ediz

    My Design Works

    thanks for you and your comment bro (:
  12. Ediz

    My Design Works

    I'm really happy you like it. thank you so much bro @Manu
  13. Ediz

    My Design Works

    Oh yes. it is a bit (: @Bisha
  14. Ediz

    My Design Works

    of course. be happy to help you with this. Thanks @Solange
  15. Ediz

    My Design Works

    Thank u @Skatel this comment will give me inspiration and talent. Thank u again bro !
  16. Ediz

    My Design Works

    Thank u bro , @Matti
  17. Ediz

    My Design Works

    You're wellcome bro , @JeanGraphics
  18. Ediz

    My Design Works

    Yes , i hope this topic will cause me to improve myself. thanks ...
  19. Ediz

    My Design Works

    Xat_Test inner background ` (:
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