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  1. Ediz

    My Design Works

    thank u @maxo
  2. Ediz

    My Design Works

    `Get help with xat` I n n e r b a c k g r o u n d
  3. Ediz

    My Design Works

    `Get help with xat` "H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N" (:
  4. Second Entry: Inner: Outer: Link Link Button Color: #0d0d4e Preview it here.
  5. Ediz

    my signature

    Hello @Jagen , it looks really great. ! but if you create a little shadow effect, it can be more legible.
  6. Inner Outer Link Link Button color : #3d7783 Preview it here.
  7. Ediz

    My Design Works

    thank u !
  8. Ediz

    My Design Works

    This background pcback gift to for @Tox1c
  9. Ediz

    My Design Works

    Hello friends. I will share the 4d logo effect I made with you today. 4d GRAPHICS logo effect I h o p e y o u l i k e i t .!! (::
  10. Ediz

    My Design Works

    Thanks dude !
  11. Ediz

    My Design Works

    Simple background animation example , for xat/HELP

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