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  1. Ediz

    Background contest for Cambio

    Inner Link ___________________________________________________________ Outer Link Button color = #de1d00 - A different button color can be used as required.. >T h a n k ' s <
  2. Ediz

    Selling 2d Gifs

    Hello @xSwag69 This is really a job that requires a lot of talent. And at the same time, intensive efforts are being made. I like it your 2d gif works very much. And I congratulate you with sincerity.
  3. Ediz

    My Design Works

    This gift signature for @Aredhel Link I hope you will like it Thanks !
  4. Ediz

    My Design Works

    This background just a trial ` ________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________
  5. Where are our dreams? .(

  6. Ediz


    Ediz (372373737)
  7. Happy Birthday ‘!

    1. DonQuijote


      Thanks (hug)


  8. Ediz

    My Design Works

    hahah ı love colors ^-^
  9. Ediz

    My Design Works

  10. Ediz

    My Design Works

    xat Turkish help site "xat/Yardim" ( Inner background )
  11. Happy birthday  ,   

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      Thank you!

  12. Ediz

    My Design Works

    Advanced really cool bots xat/ARCbots ( Inner Background ) (:
  13. Ediz

    My Design Works

    Thank u bro ! @Shizuo
  14. Ediz

    My Design Works

    thanks dude ..! @BRABO
  15. Ediz

    My Design Works

    `I am just bored` ^-^