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  1. I do everything clear browser delete cookies forgot password try register again nothing . xat was hacked in November 2015 and im afraid my mail mayby is just blacklisted and dont want help me out . And is that mail i register in xat .

    1. theFlower


      hmmmm if vols said no so they know more then me ,but yeah you can make  new mail gmail or hotmail  and creat with it new account when you do that tell me what happen after register better if be with prntscreen 

      AND ABOUT  your old mail xat did not got hacked and its save 

      you can also wait the answer about your ticket when you got it you can show me prnt to help you more ty 

  2. Since Crow close i typing in Accounts problems

    Never get help only volunteer try to ask for personal info's and wy dont log from mail cant log.

    Explain several times i cant even log since is blocked and continue say cant help if not connect from my mail i have problem.

    1. Stif


      You're saying that you have a xat account attached to this e-mail, which you can't get new e-mails from xat, is that correct?


      You said you opened a ticket with a working xat account, which department you created it in?

    2. DJGalaxyWolf


      Yes in that mail i use in forum i have xat acount and cant reset my password or register . Exactly i cant get mails or anything . I create in Account Sections with working xat acount but the volunteer ask me to register with my mail not work and explain to him i cant since is not work.

    3. Stif


      Do you mind sending me a private message so we can figure this out?


      Go to my profile and click "Message" right after my profile photo.

  3. I have a problem with my mail . I try register or even do the forgot password method but nothing work I open ticket with working account try explain multiple times my mail is not work even cant register but always the person check my ticket say to register with that mail and open ticket from that . I tell him how is possible to open ticket from mail cant even register or use ? And always i get answer : Cant help you if you not open from that mail or not answer personal questions. I use my old mail more than 4-5 years and wen i decide to log in from my supprise i cant log on or even retrieved a password is like my xat details never exist . Please help ty
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