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  1. I relate to this one on a spiritual level.
  2. Amazing update to this power @Mike also love the fact there are 17 of them! Nice change from the 10-11 per power.
  3. with all this gif spam does that mean the next power is being able to preview images in chats
  4. this needs its own thread pronto
  5. Would be nice to have, and perhaps have the ability to disable it for guest to use in official chats as an option if abuse of inappropriate material becomes a problem. EDIT: nvm, Cupim's suggestion is much better only allowing subscribers having the ability to do use this function.
  6. I don't see why people think by changing the UI of the chatroom to be more modern, it would make it "not xat anymore". Powers, ids, trading and all of that is what makes xat different compared to other social media platforms. If xat is converting to html5, it would make sense to add a redesign along with it, so I don't get why people mocked the idea? For one, I'm excited to finally hear news about html5. Progess has long ways to go but the alpha (or beta, whatever you wanna call it) seems like it's going towards the right direction. One thing I'd like to ask is in the final version for the powers list, will it be alphabetical like it is currently or will it go in order by power ID?
  7. This is actually a neat power. @Junior wouldn't adding a neonfx be possible though considering it could act as an fx smilie? for example starman from gamefx, it overlaps on top of the smilie. could be cool to have a neon outline for smilies like the current smilies present & let us control the color with color codes.
  8. Mencee

    Pizza power

    You should add @Elie suggestion into the OP.
  9. Fade is an animation that can't be stopped. Opacity is not an animation and uses different types of transparencies that won't be exactly the same as clear. Those are the differences; not the same at all.
  10. Hey, now we can't use the argument that xat doesn't listen to user suggestions.. regardless how stupid this is as a separate power. Definitely think this should just be a BOOSTED version for rapid like what happened with purple and just increase the price a bit. Anyway, I'm hoping this won't become a trend with other old function powers. For future reference: just do the boosted method if a function or smiley power gets an add-on. I can't disagree, this is basically buying DLC but for a power.
  11. Yep, I've seen this suggestion a lot in the past (I think I suggested it at one point too, on the old forum) and it'd be a great function to have imo. it isn't exactly like clear or fade but adds a see-through effect in emotes.
  12. I think you took what I said and twisted it because my post is exactly what you are implying. I'm saying minor changes to the website won't keep users (such as the ones I mentioned) ??? @ your 2nd response. Why are you acting like I don't know people are saying their thoughts? That was the first thing I said in my post. I'm saying even with everyone voicing their thoughts, will it make the difference? Probably not, admins already provided proof they don't care as much as we'd hope them to.
  13. I'm glad a lot of people care and are voicing their opinions in this thread. But for real, does all of this even matter? Xat chooses what they do and do not listen to from users. We see a bit of improvements with the "To Do List" thread, but it seems like it's literal baby steps whenever they do fix something that has been suggested on that thread. And I think mobile was actually more of a handicap than it actually helped. The website should have just as much as priority as mobile and at this point is inexcusable. Wake up, xat is dying because it hasn't changed. Minor detail changes to chat buttons and pawn fixes aren't going to put people in awe.
  14. You know there is no hope for change when the administration isn't even taking it seriously. But honestly, I've lost motivation in xat due to lack of innovation. What exactly does xat offer that other media sites do not? I've moved onto Discord, and the only thing it really doesn't have over xat is powers. And as discussed, powers aren't as revolutionary as they were back in 2010-2011, and most of the powers over the years are just watered down of existing ideas (i.e multiple holiday powers, love-themed powers, animal powers). There's seriously no reason to use a flash-reliant chat system over the likes of Skype/Discord at this time of year other than out of pure nostalgia. If you aren't going to take a topic that is as concerning of what the future of xat holds, then I have no words.
  15. Mencee

    2017 powers

    You could reconsider if you want, collab powers are pretty cool & unique. (i.e patrick power) I said this in my post lol.
  16. Mencee

    2017 powers

    way ahead of you but thanks for link
  17. Mencee

    2017 powers

    What about mixture power? Discussion for this started back in 2015 with admins but it never actually happened. Unless the anniversary emotes / or that new battle power were considered mixture. Would like to hear an update since I was looking forward to seeing it then!
  18. I thought I was having a framerate issue when looking at this power. So it's actually 5 fps?
  19. Volunteers shouldn't take offense to this, it is very frustrating for us users too. Threads like these are created because we are frustrated for having to wait so long, but volunteers are frustrated b/c tickets get backed up and users are being impatient. Not much can be done.
  20. The power looks great but the name makes no sense. None of these look "prepared for battle" either..? Curious as to where they got the name from. And yeah this name would be great for a GAME..
  21. Smiley makers ideas should always be prioritized over community suggestions, but they should definitely find a balance between their ideas and the community suggestions. Some suggestions on the forums have much more potential than some powers that exist right now, so I think they should create at least one power each month from the suggestion forum as a start and go from there.
  22. Interesting! My first memory on the internet is my 7 y/o self playing poker on pogo.com because my dad did so I thought it was cool And actually winning some games.. fake gambling at such a young age
  23. Mencee

    Suggest Hats

    Since new years is coming up, why not add a hat that lets you add new years accessory like glasses to a pawn. The only downside is having to update it yearly but this is already done with the (newyear) smilie as well. I think it'd be a cool addition since we have seasonal hats already like the santa hat for winter/christmas & the witch hat for halloween. Example from google:
  24. I think I was the reason Brandon passed Daniel for like 5 minutes.
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