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  1. What if no one chooses you? XD #foreveralone
  2. Looks like someone should have read the rules thoroughly.
  3. I'm still not EXACTLY quite sure, hey @Dimplez so I just still wanted to make sure: The contest is still going, right? From your update, you wanted the people you listed to pick someone (other than themselves or any of the others you've listed) whose Doodle they liked out of the entries. Right? Or do we, only the ones listed in your update, pick from ALL including the ones you've listed (but excluding ourselves)? Is this a new phase of the contest, or what? Because if so, I thought the contest wasn't over until the end of the month? (And if it's something unrelated, then why post i
  4. OH, so I pick the person and the smiley and YOU draw it?
  5. Wait a minute-- I'm sorry, are we supposed to draw what we pick and send that to the person we choose, or are we just supposed to pick a power smiley? I'm a little confused.
  6. Aaaaa I had to use a mouse on mine! I'm too broke for a tablet. -___-
  7. Hey, I know what it is~ it's a Rapidash! Excellent work on the shading. Hang on, I know at least Marshall already posted their second entry.
  8. I want to be: able to give more than 7 likes per day, what the f-- Anyway. I'd like to be of any help I could be. Even if it's just comedic relief~ I am a quick learner so can learn on the job very easily.
  9. I love me some Ham & Pineapple. My Fiancé hates me for it, lmao.
  10. [Throws a counterfeit like, because I've apparently reached my Like limit.] [Why is there a Like limit?]
  11. I have an idea, in the mean time someone should be able to just buy the chat (According to the bots it is priced at 5.5k xats) and colonize it like the brits colonized America. "Oh look it's my land now" I've tried it though, and it gave me an error message. Probably because it's permanently Delisted. I think that would be HILARIOUS though. Edit: If what I've heard about Flirt being originally an Official chat is true... it reminds me of how Class E from Assassination Classroom is looked at by all the other classes. --Though that's a HUGE insult to Class E...
  12. Does "among others" include powers such as NoFollow? Because it would be great if you could have NoFollow on but allow exceptions. For that one friend or two that you WANT Following you to a chat. I think that would be an excellent update.
  13. ~Second Entry: Shiny Umbreon and Espeon~ (Here's the proof screencap.) c: ...Fun fact, I'm left-handed and I did this with a right-handed mouse.
  14. I don't have to know who you are in order to appreciate a work of art. c:
  15. W O A H. Simple yet very well done!
  16. Wow, I am impressed. Good job! You're really good at taming Doodle. xD Now this one was just funny. I lol'd.
  17. Hi! Here's my entry. PGO Bot be like: https://prnt.sc/fqx6fy ~Here is the proof shot. I am Christy (1466973301)~
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