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  1. Happy Birthday (applause)

  2. Happy Birthday @Christy (hug)

  3. Happy  Birthday @Christy

  4. Happy Birthday , Christy


  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy birthday (cute)

  7. What if no one chooses you? XD #foreveralone
  8. Looks like someone should have read the rules thoroughly.
  9. I'm still not EXACTLY quite sure, hey @Dimplez so I just still wanted to make sure: The contest is still going, right? From your update, you wanted the people you listed to pick someone (other than themselves or any of the others you've listed) whose Doodle they liked out of the entries. Right? Or do we, only the ones listed in your update, pick from ALL including the ones you've listed (but excluding ourselves)? Is this a new phase of the contest, or what? Because if so, I thought the contest wasn't over until the end of the month? (And if it's something unrelated, then why post i
  10. OH, so I pick the person and the smiley and YOU draw it?
  11. Wait a minute-- I'm sorry, are we supposed to draw what we pick and send that to the person we choose, or are we just supposed to pick a power smiley? I'm a little confused.
  12. Aaaaa I had to use a mouse on mine! I'm too broke for a tablet. -___-
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