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  1. Ho ho ho! Christmas is just around the corner and xat Ayuda wants to end the year doing a contest with you! The contest will be based on Christmas backgrounds. Let's begin! Requirements for the backgrounds (please read carefully): You have to provide both inner and outer backgrounds. Please, include a matching button color too. You can add this sentence, if you like: Chat Oficial de Ayuda en Español. (Official Help Chat in Spanish. Please, don't use English sentence!). Make it look jolly and Christmassy. You must add the following tips to
  2. Blacky

    I need help!

    You will need to login and click on the "groups" tab. There you will see the powers you have assigned n your chats: https://prnt.sc/prjf4f
  3. ¡Felicidades meloncio! Disfruta de tu día como tú solamente saber hacer, olvidándote de todo lo malo y concentrándote solo en el día de hoy, ¡tú cumpleaños!


    ¡Felicidades Samuel!

  4. Blacky

    chat edit

    Hello @theFlower! Surely you have created this suggestion with your best intention, but this currently exists. I recommend you to read this post before suggesting. Currently, editing the chat name is possible, but the chat link will stay the same. For that, go to https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/editgroup.php?GroupName=YOURCHATNAMEHERE and put the password you set. You'll see an option to change the chat name. https://prnt.sc/phm7cx The same happens if you want to delete your chat. To do, go to https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/editgroup.php?GroupName=YOURCHATNAMEH
  5. 🐾🐾19 years by your side with incredible moments. Thank you for all, I'll always remember you.🐾🐾


    Rest in peace, Urtzi. 🐕🐕🐾🐾


    Love you! ❤💕💖

  6. Urtzi died today. We take her to the vet for euthanasia. Urtzi was suffering. It's been an incredible 19 years by your side. Rest in peace, Urtzi. Love you!
  7. Some users came to Ayuda saying that they can't promote their chat. When you click "get cost/obtener costo" button, it says: System problem. Please try later, sorry. ()
  8. ¡Wow, wow, woooow, cómo te lo tenías calladín, eh? ¡Muchísimas felicidades majo, disfruta mucho del día de hoy y del resto del día que te queda aún por pasar! 


    ¡Felicidades pájaro!

    1. Norman


      Mil gracias. <<<333

  9. I'm very happy with you, Sergio! Congratulations and welcome to the team!
  10. This is a report by Calibula, she can't report it. When you go to xat.com/login, the login button doesn't appear, so she can't do login. She tried with Opera, Chrome and Internet explorer browsers but the same issue stills. Personally, I tried with all browsers and it works correctly, but not with Internet Explorer. Is it a bug?
  11. Girls: -1 Boys: +1 61
  12. Hello @AmonRa2017, If your group was removed recently post the group name using this thread: I already did it for you. Hopefully your chat will be recovered as soon as possible!
  13. xat.com/royalfm and xat.com/magiainimii
  14. xat.com/Relatinos Chat ID: 75785392 His name is DJLeo, redLatinos (982540323), from Ayuda.
  15. Hello @batuelmejor2010, If your group was removed recently post the group name using this thread:
  16. xat.com/RadioLaMadrina His name is Garen from Ayuda.
  17. Blacky

    ¡Muchísimas felicidades, Rut! Espero que hayas pasado un excelente día, ¡y mil perdones por el retraso! :'(


    1. Rut


      Jajajaja no te preocupees y muchisisisisismas gracias <3

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