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  1. ¡Muchísimas felicidades Junior!


    Gracias por todo este tiempo a tu lado, por los momentos de risa que hemos pasado y que seguiremos teniendo, por esos momentos que yo he estado cabizbajo y tú me has sabido animar, por esos momentos en el que me he encontrado perdido y tú me has sabido rescatar.


    Hoy, es un día especial, un día en el que tienes que disfrutar, reír, pasártelo como dios manda. Es un día único, un día en el que una vez más lo diré, tienes que disfrutar.


    Ganaste un lugar permanente en mi corazón y en mi vida, creas o no, y que para lo que necesites, y vayas para donde vayas, siempre podrás contar conmigo. No creo que deba de estar permitido que personas como tú, con un corazón tan enrome, tan bondadoso, tenga que estar a tantos kilómetros. 


    Eres una de esas personas que todo el mundo quiere tener, gracioso, generoso, cariñoso y lleno de consejos en el momento oportuno.


    Te deseo un día increíble Junior. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, te quiero muchísimo! (blowkiss)

    1. Junior


      Awwww (goo)Muchas gracias!!

      Te quiero mucho!(blowkiss)

    2. Lemona


      So cute :$ 


      Happy birthday Juni xoxoxxoxo!!!!

  2. Congratulations @David, welcome to the team!
  3. Prize received! Thank you and have a happy holidays!
  4. Ho, ho, ho! It has not been easy for us to choose the winners, since all of you have submitted such beautiful backgrounds. As much as we want to merit all of you for your efforts, we only have three prizes to give off. Congratulations to Abrahan in first place, to RobFerrari in second place and to Born in third place. We really loved your backgrounds, and you'll see them at Ayuda very soon! It has been a long time since Ayuda has organized the lastest contest, so I want to thank everyone for participating. It has been a pleasure organizing this contest and seeing
  5. Blacky (691320709) Theme: Grinch Pcback name: Blacky ID: Yes
  6. Hellooo!!! The contest time is over! I would like to thank all the contestants for choosing a time of their life to make the backgrounds, all the backgrounds are fantastic! We will announce the winners as soon as possible! The most important thing inside every present you unwrap is the love and affection of that special person who gives it to you, We wish you a Merry Christmas!
  7. There are only a few days left before the contest ends! What are you waiting for winning a juicy amount of xats and showing us your designing skills? Santa will go crazy when selecting the three winners, all the backgrounds are fantastic!
  8. Hello Abrahan! Please, remember to include the tips previously mentioned in your outer backgrounds, otherwise we will not be able to validate your entry! Thank you in advance!
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