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  1. New forum version? :o


    1. Leandro


      only took a few years

    2. Andre


      dimmed the lights a bit

    3. Lemona


      Can I suggest the main background colour be a bit darker? I think it looks much better with #e5e5e5.


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  2. Blacky

    Chat issues

    Hello, It seems that now works correctly. Thank you!
  3. Blacky

    Chat issues

    Hello Sloom! Yes!
  4. Blacky

    Chat issues

    This bug happens almost 2-3 times per day. This issue seems to only happen on xat.com/Ayuda. For example, if there are 10 people, you know the chat is bugged because nobody talks, the chat is silent. So when you do F5, this chat conversation is displayed: https://prnt.sc/u9xdoc Issues: It displays a user conversation, and those users never were on Ayuda. The scroll that previously was set gets deleted. The same conversation is always displayed. Bots do not work as they should. I have tested adding an ARCbot bot on Ayu
  5. Congratulations Bau! Enjoy this experience!
  6. This feature will be a great help for help chats, and for other chats. I'm speechless. Simple, usable and effective. Excellent work!
  7. Congratulations @Luana! You're doing well, keep it up as you know! Welcome to the Contributors group!
  8. YESSS!! I'll buy this power yes or yes when I have xats, jojo. I was looking forward to having an updated power about this. This is probably going to be my favorite power, I don't know who created it, but I love you!!
  9. Congratulations and welcome to the contributors group! Keep doing a great work as you both know! Congratulations!!
  10. Although we all are in quarantine, Taysa and Kaira are so happy! I'm sure they feel that something weird is happening in the world. How are your pets?
  11. 2485d13 / 2bf958e5 / 2485d13c --> xat5 9fceebbd / c0bcdde8 / 41ba3ad9 / 41ba3ad9/ 636d0672 --> https://xat.com/xat5
  12. We cannot tolerate such behaviours as you've had during the contest and it's not our fault that the translator isn't translating correctly. I told you that all languages were going to be allowed and that you could use a translator. On the other hand, we couldn't play the bot games cause the Gamebot was leaving the chat all the time. But we knew how to take advantage of the time and not leave users unable to enjoy so we started asking random questions to have fun and a chance to win xats! I hope that the security questions have helped you to learn more about
  13. Ayuda's contest, stay safe!


    Only 50 minutes left! Are you going to miss it? See you there!



  14. Ayuda's contest, stay safe!


    Only 10 hours left! Are you going to miss it?





  15. All languages will be allowed during the contest, don't worry! Added to the post, sorry!
  16. Hello! Now that most people are staying home and are being more active on xat due to the quarantine, xat Ayuda has decided to host a contest to help spend the time. The contest will be hosted at xat.com/Ayuda We are concerned that users are being scammed which is why we created a dynamic contest/game to win some xats. The contest will include safety and security questions and some games with the bot. We would like to focus on educating xat users about how to avoid being scammed. Please keep in mind that we are an official Spanish hel
  17. With coronavirus (COVID-19) dominating the news cycle, some countries are in the quarantine phase. Paramedics, doctors, nurses, assistants, we're trying to focus on how to prevent COVID-19 That's why, I attach these recommendations: (https://i.imgur.com/nPZOFfx.png) (https://i.imgur.com/NqS5hpc.png) This fight belongs to everyone.
  18. #YoMeQuedoEnCasa

  19. Buenas tardes, En este tema usted indica varios errores, la cual personalmente me quedé con la duda ya que usted indicó que cuando intenta hacer login, el texto muestra "espere por favor" y que no pasa de ahí. Tras eso, usted menciona que usted cambió de localización y que ahora se encuentra en otro país, lo que le debería de haber saltado el error E29 (esto depende de cómo tenga configurada las opciones de seguridad). Entiendo que este error, NO le ha saltado/aparecido, si me he confundido, por favor, corrígeme. Con lo cual, entiendo que al hacer login, no
  20. My register was Visiant, I started using that name when I met xat.com, until one day, a user told me to put as username Blacky and that's how I stayed
  21. There are also problems with the clubs (there are many times that I don't get any notification) at least in my case.
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