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  1. Hello! Just to remember that HTML5 special event is just around the corner! Countdown: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/party?iso=20201031T2330&p0=141&msg=xat.com%2FHTML5+CONTEST&font=sanserif WHEN AND WHERE: October 31st, at 23:30 GMT+1 Spanish time. xat.com/HTML5 Are you ready for a scary night? Are you ready to feel what fear really is? See you there!
  2. Hola, El 13 de octubre de 2020, xat decidió establecer todos los chats existentes de xat.com, en la versión HTML5. Esto quiere decir que todos los chats ahora están en HTML5 por defecto. No te preocupes, puedes seguir usando la versión Flash, pero recuerda que para finales de diciembre de 2020, Flash dejará de ser existente en todas las plataformas que usen Flash, siendo HTML5 la única manera de poder usar xat.com Para ver los chats en Flash, tienes dos opciones: Usar la extensión ?old. Ejemplo: xat.com/Ayuda?old Yendo a l
  3. Taking advantage of the new HTML5 update and keeping in mind Halloween is just around the corner, it's a pleasure to tell to each one of you that xat.com/HTML5 will host a contest! Are you ready!? As we all know, HTML5 has many new features, I would like to play a dynamic game, so that you get to know the HTML5 version. What games will be played? HTML5 questions. Random users. Guess the song. Loose questions. Contest procedure: HTML5 questions: I will ask several questions, and the person will have to take a screen
  4. Thank you very much to all, especially to Bau for the fantastic management that he has carried out in his month as main owner! It's a pleasure for me to start this fantastic and unique version with each one of you! I will try to do my best! Let's continue enjoying with xat.com!
  5. I would just like to thank all the developer members who have made this possible. Without a doubt, this update is awesome. Thanks to each of you for this update!
  6. Blacky


    Hola, Por favor, intente añadiendo sólo la ID de su nombre de registro.
  7. Blacky


    Hola, Por favor, para solicitudes sobre ayuda, le recomiendo que la solicitud sea abierta aquí: https://forum.xat.com/forum/5-soporte-en-español/ La única manera de poder llevar a cabo una acción de moderación (kick, ban) es poseyendo un rango, al menos, moderador/a. ¿Tiene un rango establecido actualmente en su chat? El power GCONTROL ¿ha sido editado, pudiendo bloquear la acción a realizar? Ejemplo: https://prnt.sc/uqkh7r
  8. Luana!!!


    Happy happy birthday!! Enjoy your day as you know!!




    1. Luana


      Thanks you Blacky 💟💟!! (hug)

  9. Blacky

    Chat issues

    Yes, gets crashed displaying this converstion when you do F5 . The scroll gets deleted too.
  10. Blacky

    Chat issues

    Hello, The same issue is happening.
  11. New forum version? :o


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    2. Leandro


      only took a few years

    3. Andre


      dimmed the lights a bit

    4. Lemona


      Can I suggest the main background colour be a bit darker? I think it looks much better with #e5e5e5.


  12. Blacky

    Chat issues

    Hello, It seems that now works correctly. Thank you!
  13. Blacky

    Chat issues

    Hello Sloom! Yes!
  14. Blacky

    Chat issues

    This bug happens almost 2-3 times per day. This issue seems to only happen on xat.com/Ayuda. For example, if there are 10 people, you know the chat is bugged because nobody talks, the chat is silent. So when you do F5, this chat conversation is displayed: https://prnt.sc/u9xdoc Issues: It displays a user conversation, and those users never were on Ayuda. The scroll that previously was set gets deleted. The same conversation is always displayed. Bots do not work as they should. I have tested adding an ARCbot bot on Ayu
  15. Happy birthday bro hope you had a nice and special day 🎁

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    2. Page


      Where’s the cake 🎂?(hmm)

    3. Blacky






    4. Page


       I thought we were friends (grump)

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