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  1. TE AMO!!! :$ (hug) <3

    1. Blacky


      ¡Te elijo a ti antes que a los macarrones con bechamel por siempre!


      Yo también <3  (hug)


  2. Congratulations xoxo! <3
  3. Hello! xat.com/Ayuda was inaugurated on May 22nd, 2007 and yesterday Ayuda's anniversary became a reality. It was fantastic to spend a day with all of you! 30,000 xats and 1 namecolor were played. (Thanks to Boricua (1541606686) for donanting 10,000 xats, Panke (156280975) for donating 10,000 xats and Amyy (1000033) for donating a NameColor). Thanks to the DJs team of the Spanish community for the music and the good vibes! The anniversary started at 22:00 PM UTC and ended at 02:00 AM UTC. Around 40 people attended the anniversary and various games were played such as: Random users. Random number. Loose questions. Bomb. Voice messages (how was your experience during the pandemic). Guess the song. With all my heart, thanks to all those people for having attended, for having shown that xat Ayuda is a place where unity makes strength! We encourage you to fill out the following survey to continue improving day by day! https://xatuniverso.com/cuestionario You guys, are incredible! Thank you, thank you, and thank you! See you around xat! SPANISH: xat Ayuda fue fundado el 22 de mayo de 2021, y ayer el aniversario se hizo realidad. Ha sido fantástico pasar un día con todos vosotros en el aniversario de xat Ayuda. Se jugaron 30,000 xats y 1 namecolor. (Gracias a Boricua (1541606686) por haber donado 10,000 xats, Panke (156280975) por haber donado 10,000 xats y a Amyy (1000033) por haber donado el namecolor). ¡Gracias al equipo de DJs por la música y las buenas vibraciones! El aniversario empezó a las 22:00 PM UTC y terminó a las 02:00 AM UTC. Asistieron al menos 40 personas. Se jugaron varios juegos como: Usuarios/as aleatorios/as. Números aleatorios. Bomba Adivina la canción Preguntas sueltas. Mensajes de voz (cómo ha sido tu experiencia durante la pandemia). De todo corazón, gracias a todos/as aquellas personas por haber asistido, por haber demostrado que xat Ayuda es un lugar donde la unión hace la fuerza. ¡Os animamos a rellenar el siguiente cuestionario para seguir mejorando día a día! https://xatuniverso.com/cuestionario ¡Sois increíbles! ¡Gracias, gracias y gracias! ¡Nos vemos por xat.com!
  4. Hey! 1 day left to celebrate 14th anniversary of the official help chat in Spanish of xat.com! We are looking forward to a rewarding time with you! REMEMBER! May 22, 2021 22:00 PM UTC (https://time.is/es/UTC) See you! ---- ¡Hola! Falta 1 día para celebrar el 14º aniversario del chat oficial de ayuda en español de xat.com! ¡Estamos deseando pasar tiempo contigo! ¡RECUERDA! 22 de mayo de 2021 22:00 PM UTC (https://time.is/es/UTC) ¡Nos vemos!
  5. Are you ready to celebrate Ayuda's 14th anniversary?! Hello! Ayuda was inaugurated on May 22nd, 2007. We are looking forward to a rewarding time with you, because you are what Ayuda is today! It's a pleasure to tell you all that xat.com/Ayuda will host an event! Are you ready!? Let's begin! WHAT GAMES WILL BE PLAYED? Guess the song. Random users. Loose questions Search for clues on the website of the Spanish-speaking community, xat Universo. EVENT INFORMATION: DJs from chats such as xat Ayuda, xat Cambio, xat Noticias, xat Ganar and xat Fondos will be with us during the event. Please remember to win 1 skip 1. The event is aimed at the Spanish community, so the event will be held in Spanish. You can use a translator if you want, everyone is welcome! You can suggest games to play! Help will be suspended on this day until the end of the event. Prize holder: Blacky (691320709) | 10,000 xats EVENT DAY AND TIME: May 22, 2021 22:00 PM UTC (https://time.is/es/UTC) I hope we all can have a good time, I am looking forward to seeing you! Español:
  6. Thank you, Raven! -- You're an open, sincere person and also, you care about the welfare of xat users. I'm sure you will do a fantastic job. Congratulations, Luana!
  7. You make me laugh (toj)


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    2. Blacky




      Yes... when the pigs fly


      ZIlch :$




    3. Lemona
    4. Bau


      You make my cry:'(

      Well, I´need a status like that hm(hmm)

  8. Congratulations Page! We look forward to working with you, I'm sure!
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