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  1. Hello @iRhea, Have you tried to clean all the information of the application? Have you turned the screen? (When I turn the screen, I have to initiate session again) Blacky
  2. No. Do you like Green Eyes?
  3. Fail I said Heart
  4. Blacky :$ 

    1. Blacky


      Hey Bleiz! :$ How are you?

  5. I found a new issue. Blacky
  6. Yes! Of course. Naruto is a Japanese manga. @Chelly see it Blacky
  7. Hello! Did you design it? It's very nice and fantastic. You impressed me Congratulations! Blacky
  8. Good Bye Anar. Thank you for everything and good luck in the life! Blacky
  9. Hello Mysticons, I told you before, see There you're going to see the host of images allowed in xat. Click: Thank You, Blacky
  10. Hello, You can use an other images host. For example: More information, click here. Or, go to: xat allows the use of BBCode-esque formatting to allow you to easily embed popular services on your profile or chat group. Then, you should put the code: <img scr=”LinkHere”/> For example: <img scr=”” /> Blacky