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  1. First topic, Hello!

    Incredible xat family club! Ty @Bau!
  2. The economic price and the professional help of the staffs. There should be an owner for every language, not neither two nor three. For everything else, as staff, I'm very happy with the companionship and the happiness that we have with ARCbot!
  3. Happy birthday bro, enjoy you day (hug)


  4. Today is a very special day, a long awaited day. I wish you a happy birthday and many surprises! (hug)



    Blacky (691320709)
  6. Reputation.

    I don't like
  7. Word Association

  8. Whoever posts last wins!

    The end
  9. Error 26 asking for a friend

    Hello, There are a lot of tickets and your friend should wait for a reply. She have to understand that there are more users who need help. You can visit the times doing click here. Also you have the opportunity to send a private message to a volunteer. Anyway, I recommend you that the help should be requested by the user who needs help.
  10. Coffee or Tea?

  11. Report system?

    I have been looking at the profiles of some users, looking for a method to report the profiles. It would be ideal enough to have this ability installed in the forum, nowadays, only we can report the answers or topics of the forum. If we enable this method in the profile, it might be useful. For example: If a user, has the logo of xat in his profile, it is not allowed. (The Guidelines says: You may not use the xat logo or other xat branding materials in your avatar, signature, or cover photo). So, it would be easier to enter his profile and report, Instead of filling private messages to the moderators and volunteers. Just a suggestion! Discuss?
  12. 2017-2018

    I want to thank everyone, for doing xat a more wonderful place day per day. Really, thank you! Happy New Year and may this christmas be bright and cheerful, and may the New Year begin on a wonderful way!
  13. xat family members

    Blacky - xat brother?