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  1. but it's possible that from November 28 I is not even been told why my account was deleted? they told me to be patient but patience eventually ends ... it seems a mockery
  2. I kindly ask if there is a volunteer that I can respond to my ticket submitted on November 28 for my deleted account
  3. hello Vale  I opened a ticket more than a month ago ... can you help me?


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    2. JamesON


      that means something u did , so , idk why still argue about ur error !

    3. frillyoriginal


      but I've asked you?


      I'm asking why, and no one tells me so !!


    4. JamesON


      Well , if your issue went to Admin , and you must wait for hes answer , than wait !

      You wrote i guess even into wiki editors page , lol

  4. hi mihay


    1. Bau


      Hey frillyoriginal
      If you need help, write here what kind of help you need. It may be busy, but the world is much that can help you.
      if you need help ask here, if you need personal help, or just want to talk with him, wait until it responds.

  5. usually how long I have to wait for a response from the ticket?

    1. zw


      We'll try to get back to you soon. The ETA for a reply varies a bit across the departments and there really isn't a perfect blanket answer.


      In your case, seeing as how the account was allegedly deleted, it may take a little longer as xat will need some time to review your case.

    2. frillyoriginal
  6. I have been opened a ticket and in first departement help was written there now writes us emailed but I have not received any mail me
  7. I have opened a ticket to know the why my account has been cancelled, and I wanted to know all the powers day and xat that I had that end they will do and if I can get back them
  8. my browser crash with flashplayer and not make ticket
  9. why the my other account has been cancelled? my 2 account Replikante (836543371) I cannot make login anymore it says e28. my powers day and xat coem I do for getting back them?
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