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  1. Happy birthday! @Mark (victory)

  2. DUYGU

    Happy birthday Mark  



  3. Hello everyone, long time no see. As a small number of you know, I’ve been on a very long hiatus. Work has been super consuming this year. I do however have two weeks off for the holidays, which I plan on spending by bingewatching TV shows with my girlfriend. I was thinking of visiting a couple of chats, but my sister gave my laptop cancer and mobile doesn’t seem to want to work for me. It’s completely fine though, I’ll figure it out later. I would appreciate anyone recommending any shows or anime that they enjoy as I’ve become more open minded to different genres.


    Here is a list of shows that I’ve watched recently (from the top of my head:)


    1. Friends

    2. New Girl

    3. Super Store

    4. Parks and Rec

    5. The Office (US)

    6. Stranger Things

    7. Brooklyn 99 

    8. Bobs Burgers

    1. Angelo


      Altered Carbon is a good one

      Oh yeah, Black Mirror and Travelers too

  4. 6

    Happy Birthday, Mark! (hug)

  5. Happy Birthday.

  6. iMano

    Happy Birthday, Mark :)

  7. Happy Birthday! (hug)

  8. Amazing idea and amazing representation. If this were to be implemented I already know I'd try and collect all of the medals as well.
  9. I think new hats need to be added in general, not just because of the anniversary.
  10. Both my mom and dad watch it. They say its great. I might start it, if it's anything like Breaking Bad I should like it.
  11. Currently watching Teen Wolf and Grey's Anatomy for the 14th time. (Yes all 13 seasons)
  12. Hey @JeanGraphics! You've made some pretty amazing designs. I like your ayuda one, along with the purple xat5 one. It kind of reminds me of Van aka Crush's old style. Keep up the great work!
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