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  1. DiviX

    new power kisses

    I agree with you, it's something like very frowned upon for everyone! I agree with you, it's something like very frowned upon for everyone!
  2. What a good event, I hope the best one wins, greetings!
  3. Congratulations to all the winners, I hope you keep playing and participating, and chat keep growing, greetings to all!
  4. Not necessarily, just send a private one through the forum, or when you are online in that chat. Easier even in Steve's post, click on their names and it will take you to send them a private message, I hope you can solve your problem, regards!
  5. Hi all , how are all? (HUG)

  6. DiviX


    Keep it up, it will be a good power, I really like it ..
  7. DiviX


    Very good idea, it is ecpectacular, I love it, this would be a good power for everyone!
  8. DiviX


    Your idea is good, but we already have a working power, which is the same as your suggestion .. Thank you! Power WORK <
  9. Hola ¿Como estas?


    1. Marya


      Hola @Abraham Muy bien trabajando , gracias por la pregunta  

      Y tu como estas ?

    2. DiviX


      Super bien,  gracias a dios, me alegro por ti, mucho trabajo?

    3. Marya


      Si mucho trabajo, hasta las 7 de la mañana  :( 

  10. Happy birthday, Guinho! 🎂🎉 

  11. Wow, much fun, I just I have 1200 trophies, just sand 4, I am almost going to sand 5lose many battles followed and under many trophies...
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