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  1. Hola ¿Como estas?


    1. Marya


      Hola @Abraham Muy bien trabajando , gracias por la pregunta  

      Y tu como estas ?

    2. Abraham


      Super bien,  gracias a dios, me alegro por ti, mucho trabajo?

    3. Marya


      Si mucho trabajo, hasta las 7 de la mañana  :( 

  2. Happy birthday, Guinho! 🎂🎉 

  3. Hello...

    1. Maxo


      hi bro

    2. Abraham


      How are you? 

    3. Maxo


      fine and you ?

  4. Wow, much fun, I just I have 1200 trophies, just sand 4, I am almost going to sand 5lose many battles followed and under many trophies...
  5. Hello everyone! Lately this game has been one of most played in the whole world, I have them I even dare to say that it has been more played POKEMON GO, certainly is very good both games but I like more "clash royale" Do you think your above said game? Do you play it? Arena are you? What is your favorite letter? I hope you like it comment, greetings!
  6. Happy Birthday! 


    1. Crow


      Thank you!!

  7. Hello Before traveling to the new country to where will establish must LOGIN < and disable the 3rd option, which is the location of your identification. So can prevent the lock's location. After arriving in the destination country, you must open a TICKET in the Departmentof the "location update ' you should not be user of payment." If you have a problem opening the ticket, you can send a private message to our volunteers.
  8. The identification is not very good, and much less striking, maximum you can get for it would be 1.5 or 1.7, hence would not give more, unless someone like him muchand pay you 3 k or more.
  9. Happy birthday ! 

  10. Abraham

    My Design

    Your designs are good. I like.
  11. It is a good choice. I like it. But you must remember that right now not everyone shares information with all over the world and less on xat.
  12. Happy birthday, hope you pass it well and follow fulfilling many more.

    1. Melody


      Thank you!

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