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  1. the game is pretty cool
  2. you are like 80% correct about the as2 as3 smilies. they dont work properly because of how loading smilies has changed
  3. i wonder where cup got this from
  4. nice idea stealing ;P ive said this like 50 times since the power was released and you got the folder wrong its xat.com/images/sm2 for current smilies and xat.com/images/sm for old smilies.
  5. chats are not limited to 60 per chat, the limit is something between 1000 and 1600. Pools are limited to 40 or 50
  6. its because they choose to remake the powers into the currect smilies then to load the old smiles :/
  7. #AddBackMobilePawn

    @Admin  ;)@Maverick

  8. General 13 and 15 are the same
  9. wow my status update from the other day was removed xxD

  10. General 2 fixed by @SlOom so you can remove
  11. the reason it crashes at that quick of a speed if because im not unloading anything in my code so its just pilling up i just did some sloppy code just to show how it would work, maybe ill finish it and perfect it later
  12. this has kinda been suggested in a different way( different volume toggles for different sounds)
  13. this idea came to me randomly while messing with random power. so this is how it looks: How it works: change your flag name to "random". to add flags to the random list simply add #wFLAGNAME ex: (glow#0#flag#random#wus#wpr#wpaw#wjr#u) which is what i used in the gif the flag changes every 200 ticks. it looks super smooth changing every 50 ticks but it crashes flash after a while(could be due to sloppy coding idk)
  14. new suggestion coming soon you guys should like this one

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Techy
    3. 6


      I'm expecting a group function power and not another animal power :(

    4. Maverick


      Looks like everyone's in favor of a function power. (smirk) 

  15. Techy

    Pc Saves

    you guys do know pc's are alreayd being saved right? how you think offline pc works?
  16. rip old pawns only one left is h999 p1123 form spacewar

    1. Jedi


      Someone is happy :).

    2. 6


      rip my pink teddy pawn :'(

    3. Mehdi


      Rip  pawn ;(

  17. Techy


    love this idea, it can open the door for alot of cool stuff and also make id selling less scammy
  18. names have a char limit and doing this will give you even less space
  19. it literally took me less then a second to make it happen. it requires 1 argument to be removed it ho.as l0l
  20. ok just to see how it would look i made the home button follow the color of all other buttons from chat settings
  21. added 1 - 4, working on making it change your pawncode.
  22. also alot of these pawns were added before typing was a thing so typing can break pawns aswell
  23. this was planned already but i wanted to post this before just to see if i should change anything
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