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  1. Techy


    I liked this suggestion and thought i could make it look better so heres my concept of it
  2. this is what makes me think test powers should only be given to people would help test not just some random so they can profit from it
  3. Phin is correct Ruby is old ep the reason Why it look different to you is because the pawn was a different swf then the smiley was and it has always been like that. Get a picture of old every power smile(not pawn) and compare to Ruby and you will see they are the same
  4. do you not know how recap works? it wont be getting automated any time soon
  5. Yes a new group power
  6. people cant take the truth so they get mods to remove your comments ahahahahahahahha

    1. Tornify


      Right? Guess they can't grow up to their own faults. Sad.

  7. Techy


    what i want to know is why does the same suggestion keep getting posted with a different name with 1 added idea.....
  8. 1. no no no no no 2. ever heard of packets? 3. WHY? 4. It would need to be a 2 way encryption which someone can just decomplie chat and then the encryption is useless 5. @Mido you are confused on what you want either you want encryption or you want it so only 1 person can have 1 name making names unique which will never happen 6. no sorry
  9. mobile using png strips with css and javascript, you cant use that on as3
  10. this is not for a smilie but would make a killer pawn. a pyrite(fools gold) pawn that would appear to be real gold but then gets uncovered to be a fake
  11. i agree with this what about inapp pics as pcback?
  12. I would like to present Gifs as PcBack This was requested by @Maverick and Coded by me with the Help of @oj What i would like to know is would you guys like this too? Hey Darren/Chris @Admin have a looksies only required 14 lines of code
  13. all that needs to be done is resort the userlist
  14. welp time for me to make one
  15. this is sad he just copyed @iGuano's generator and added a index page ._. turns out @iGuano is fine with you using it .
  16. this was suggested so many times to the point where i coded it as a proof of concept @Admin we need this <3
  17. Techy

    430 RUBY

    to piggy back on this it also happens when you ban a user
  18. Techy

    EP Addon

    i propose to add a cycle feature to emerald pawn. i coded it on my custom lient and it looks really nice. it would work like the other "epcodes" (hat#Ey)
  19. i support this idea but with 1 minor change, make it pc only
  20. Techy


    make a black cookie so it can remind me of a oreo
  21. BBCode is notorious for being exploitable :/
  22. oh no junii turned to the dark side
  23. this would require the client to be updated every time a pawn is added or removed and by the looks of it the client hasnt been updated since november so its unlikely they gonna do that every single time
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