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    Macros manager

    i think ive seen someone request a way to manage your macros. well after some thought and design help from @SlOom here it is. you export/import to and from a .xatm file which is saved in CSV format
  2. so ive added this to my client and it works pretty well Once again thanks @SlOom for the gifs
  3. like ive said before, why does there always have to be extra steps to do something on xat?
  4. This was suggested to me by @Junior. He wanted to know if it was possible so i gave it a shot. There is still a few bugs but it works good. Thanks to @SlOom for the gif
  5. i like this idea. that ungoo is pretty cool
  6. thanks for the gif, gonna add to main post if you don't mind
  7. from what i have tried i think it does. btw ill private message you it
  8. ok so i posted this on the old forum with the fix which was removed so im posting this again. the checkboxes when you click edit your chat button are messed up which results in some checkboxes not being able to be clicked: this is how it should be: the fix for this is literally 1 line of code and a variable change thanks to @SlOom for the animated visual.
  9. we all know about this exploit and its been around to long. The reason why i want it to be fixed it is because most people get kicked for doing it which is dumb and plus it super easy to fix. current xat client: my edit:
  10. the problem with /-/+ is that if you want to disable/enable say 10 powers you would have to type /-big and relog then do the next power which is a waste of time
  11. in the client code all gamebans are known as Puzzles and the gameraces are known as Games
  12. so ive added more options to this feature you can now search for hugs,colors,group,games,puzzles
  13. with that logic i could say why have the commands if you can uncheck/check the boxes
  14. always trying to 1up me lol its all good we homies
  15. to exploitable LOL type in address bar javascript:game.money=Number.MAX_VALUE enjoy
  16. Ok so trade app just got a update which let uses search for powers. So i thought why not add that to users power tab. Well here it is this was not hard to add to the client if admins want my changes ill be happy to provide the code Update: New visual
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