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  1. Big ooof on that flash announcement. i wonder who they referred too hmmm

    1. oj


      you oaf

  2. Since you wanna censor me have fun when everything gets out 😉 love you all

    1. Daniel


      I can’t wait tell me now

    2. Techy


      You should already know 😘

  3. This was already suggested
  4. it would be nice if a Contrib or vol can tell me what ive done to break tos (Hmm)

  5. As of early this morning Andy(Also know as Brian) has passed. Some people might of not liked him but he helped me and others more then I can ever repay him. I don't know what else to say but I miss him already 😞.
  6. kCoffee fits the naming scheme better
  7. Techy


    i dont know whether to be laughing or worried that chris has been kidnapped
  8. Better joke: admins hire new free Lancers to finish the previous freelancer screw ups 😃
  9. Its sad that they are still using macros for html5 instead of making nice UI's

  10. Techy


    i swear this was suggested mutliple times different ways
  11. Well i guess it  wont get added :'( http://prntscr.com/icg3re

    1. Maverick


      Admins don't check forum PM's often, but I saw I was added to it.


      I'll pass the message on. 

  12. Looks like a cupim creation
  13. https://i.imgur.com/I4nsZ0T.gifv
    ;) should i make a post for this feature?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ANGY


      This would be good.

    3. Leandro


      Yes, do it now so they add it in 2021

    4. iSanty


      This should be added now.

  14. Techy

    Links Direct

    owners, mods and members can spam links too
  15. Techy

    Links Direct

    this is done purposely in the client to avoid link spam
  16. i feel like i should be in this post
  17. Techy

    Shortname Page

    i might be coming off aggressive but THEY USE THE SAME CODE @ANGY umm where did my quote go?
  19. Works beautifully. Thanks @oj for help testing it.
  20. There hasn't been any client updates since late November so no new macro sorry
  21. Blastde or pro I couldn't decide 😂
  22. Wow I didn't even check that I just knew what these powers was gonna be for like a week now
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