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  1. These are a totally different idea. Its neon signs not neon pawns
  2. added new visual of the feature
  3. it was changed because loading 400+ animated swfs at once was not a good idea
  4. gave credit to @SJBB for the idea due to him posting a idea very simliar to mine without me even knowing
  5. i add everything that comes to my mind or that anyone suggests
  6. when tab is enabled it will allow sound from other opened tabs that you are not on so if you in pc it will allow sound from main tab vise versa. User is just the sound when someone joins chat. Custom is sounds that are loaded from not the client itself.(bump or sounds that come from the #speaker)
  7. this would make a cool jinx power
  8. i like this idea but it needs to have a counter or else it ruins a group power. i would make it so theres a option in gcontrol to disable user powers that override group powers.
  9. Audio Control allows you to turn on or off which sounds you want to hear in chat. This is not 100% my idea so i will give credit to @LaFleur & @SJBB Update: after searching forums i found this suggestion which is really similar to what i made so im going to credit the user(even tho i never seen it xd) @LaFleur sent me the post and asked if i could do one of them so i gave "Fewaudies" a go. I twisted his idea and added my own things to it. Heres how it works: Red is disabled and green is enabled plain and simple. I would like some suggestions to add onto this. I hope @Admin can add this as it only took around 40 lines of code(most of which is editing existing code).
  10. I guess I did speak loud enough on xat5 would also be nice to rapid dunce, naughty step, yellow&red card and all the other ban/gag functions we have that are not in rapid yet
  11. could always make it a dropdown
  12. I liked this suggestion and thought i could make it look better so heres my concept of it
  13. this is what makes me think test powers should only be given to people would help test not just some random so they can profit from it
  14. this should have more
  15. Phin is correct Ruby is old ep the reason Why it look different to you is because the pawn was a different swf then the smiley was and it has always been like that. Get a picture of old every power smile(not pawn) and compare to Ruby and you will see they are the same