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  1. PcBack Shuffle

    just posted the fix for it
  2. PcBack Shuffle

    i think the reason it will only change when you rejoin is because its probably gonna grab a random image from the macro and set that as avy on j2 look @ status since its a macro your required to rejoin for others to see changes
  3. PcBack Shuffle

    ive sent a fix for this but idk what happen there
  4. If your gonna give me credit for something at least make it something I made lmfao

  5. 462 MARK

    Ayee I got the name right 😉
  6. New version of xat "HTML5"

    I'm having fun messing with html5 version redesigning stuff or breaking other things
  7. New version of xat "HTML5"

    this should have not got out to regular users (i hear water dripping)
  8. Copying and pasting messages

    This will never work on flash chat due to every word being it's own textfield (this is needed for how effects work on names and text and smilies). That's why you can only select one at a time

    I coded this ages ago but never sent to admins because they don't seem interested
  10. FLGPWN 460

    It's gonna end up just like a nameflag that doesn't exist 😂😂😂
  11. Abandon the Contributors.

    Techy for Contributer 👍
  12. 455 SILENTBAN

    another idea would be silentrank as in it silents all actions that change rank in some way
  13. AudioControl

    updated AudioControl to have individual volume controls
  14. Troll power

    TROLLJINX everytime you say something trollish it will change to 'TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL'
  15. Troll power