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  1. 455 SILENTBAN

    another idea would be silentrank as in it silents all actions that change rank in some way
  2. AudioControl

    updated AudioControl to have individual volume controls
  3. Troll power

    TROLLJINX everytime you say something trollish it will change to 'TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL'
  4. Troll power

  5. Status smilies.

    its super easy to code however the way status is saved might have to be altered to get 100% functionality out of it Problem: status is saved with your name (name##status) status then split by # to get glow and color etc so if your name is "testing##(bot#c)#000000#ffffff" it will thing #c) is your glow and #000000 as your color this isnt to much of a problem if they change how status is saved
  6. Browsers supporting xat

    i didnt need to install plugins for xat to work on chrome???
  7. Xat's Bug List

    this is not a bug its intentional. if It would have to send a packet everytime you stop typing and then type right after you would be flooding packets.
  8. Option search!

    i wonder where you got this from
  9. 442 Neon

    These are a totally different idea. Its neon signs not neon pawns
  10. Update to user power tab

    added new visual of the feature
  11. Powers Checklist Upgrade

    it was changed because loading 400+ animated swfs at once was not a good idea
  12. AudioControl

    gave credit to @SJBB for the idea due to him posting a idea very simliar to mine without me even knowing
  13. AudioControl

    i add everything that comes to my mind or that anyone suggests
  14. AudioControl

    when tab is enabled it will allow sound from other opened tabs that you are not on so if you in pc it will allow sound from main tab vise versa. User is just the sound when someone joins chat. Custom is sounds that are loaded from xat.com not the client itself.(bump or sounds that come from the #speaker)
  15. flipban

    this would make a cool jinx power