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  1. Strange bug on this video Browser: Chrome Operating System: Windows 10
  2. Clue 8: For those of Asia that need assistance. Chat: xat.com/Chuai Riddle: Sing me to sleep, bring me to the deep. I promise I am not death, but the sound of a soul to keep. One, or two. We are not a few, instead a murder of many. Gifts of shine, the warmth of flying - I am not the judge, simply a guide Answer: A Crow Username/ID iVGS (252098492)
  3. More bugs! Vote power does not work (poll does not load) Winner and Punch are unbuyable due to requiring a quiz. Importing doodles to photobucket via Dood power does not work.
  4. Something else to add under issues, broken images on Firefox.
  5. Nice stuff you have in here Danneh, the festive backgrounds and YouTube player skin are really cool.
  6. Nice ideas, maybe less people would get scammed if this was added, although the PIN thing is probably unnecessary with the other protections.
  7. Really enjoying the new forum, it is a lot more active here now, hopefully it stays that way. Seems like the auto sign out thing doesn't happen on the homepage anymore.
  8. This is a good idea, sounds like it would be a lot of fun.
  9. I really like this game too, they need to work to make this backwards compatible with Xbox One.
  10. Looks really cool. What program do you use to make your desktop do all of that?
  11. I also don't understand the reasoning behind needing the power to play when none of the other games do this. On the subject of Snakerace, would it be possible to fix that bug that forces you to start over randomly?
  12. Restarting this thread I made a while back in the old forum. A lot of people come into the help chat saying they either cannot access their e-mail (lost password, provider shut down) or just forgot their e-mail. Wouldn't it be great if we could add an alternate e-mail to our account to better prevent that? Maybe restrict it to paid users?
  13. Cleon is right, the bot !mail command works just as good along with xat having offline messages.
  14. How about a hat with a phone on it, that would look pretty cool. A bit off-topic: xat also needs to bring back a pawn to indicate someone using the mobile app.
  15. Very nice ideas, but xat should fix their issues with Firefox before adding the image loader.
  16. Best smiley power: Nerd Best function power: Dunce Best group power: Bot Best bot provider: FEXBots
  17. It does seem like a good idea, but I doubt xat will make a statusgrad power any time soon.
  18. Same thing happens to me, it shows me logged out on the homepage but shows me logged in on other pages.
  19. (wary), (coder) (coding) and (maniac) would be nice to have on here. http://xat.com/images/sm/wary.swf?r=3 http://xatech.com/images/sm2/coder.swf?r http://xatech.com/images/sm2/coding.swf?r http://xatech.com/images/sm2/maniac.swf?r
  20. Steak, cheeseburgers, pizza, chicken and quite a few other things.
  21. One of the many backgrounds on my computer. http://i.imgur.com/42s5TVM.jpg
  22. Shouldn't we make the old forum read-only since we want people to move to the new forum?
  23. Namegrad due to all the extra customization it gives.
  24. xat_test (I am a moderator there) and help (former help mod).
  25. 1. Halo 5: Guardians 2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 3. Borderlands 2 4. Fallout 3 5. Bioshock
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