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  1. Bug with pasting?

    Strange bug on this video Browser: Chrome Operating System: Windows 10
  2. Win 10,000 xats for xat's Halloween Event!! [Very Hard]

    Clue 8: For those of Asia that need assistance. Chat: xat.com/Chuai Riddle: Sing me to sleep, bring me to the deep. I promise I am not death, but the sound of a soul to keep. One, or two. We are not a few, instead a murder of many. Gifts of shine, the warmth of flying - I am not the judge, simply a guide Answer: A Crow Username/ID iVGS (252098492)
  3. Hello , Happy birthday🎂🎂🎂

  4. VGS. Happy Birthday

  5. tumblr_lyr9uaitd51r7y61oo1_250.gif


    Have happy days! 

  6. Happy Birthday! :) Have a good one!


  7. Happy birthday! (hug) 

  8. Forum Suggestions List

    More bugs! Vote power does not work (poll does not load) Winner and Punch are unbuyable due to requiring a quiz. Importing doodles to photobucket via Dood power does not work.
  9. Forum Suggestions List

    Something else to add under issues, broken images on Firefox.
  10. Freebies by Danneh

    Nice stuff you have in here Danneh, the festive backgrounds and YouTube player skin are really cool.
  11. {UPDATE}Trade Update 2.0

    Nice ideas, maybe less people would get scammed if this was added, although the PIN thing is probably unnecessary with the other protections.