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  1. I was really young, around 6 and I was very interested to know how children are born. I asked my parents and I didn't got any proper answer from them so I declared I'm going to become a Doctor to find it out. They laughed and my aim shifted from becoming an engineer so I can make a flying-van in which I could travel with my family (inspiration: Ben 10) to a Doctor for next many years. And now after more than a decade I'm studying to get into a med school to do my undergrad (I'm young :P) and now we laugh when my family says that I'm doing it to finally understand how exactly children are born.

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  2.                                                                                                                             Entry 1:

    qwUlbQI.png                                           SA8lMrD.png


                                                                                                                     Button Colour: #34cbfd



                                                                                                                             Entry 2:

    aVALZQq.png                                      wL08Oa6.png


                                                                                                                    Button Colour: #ffd800

  3. This sounds good and will give more options to the consumers and more opportunities to some creators but we already have something similar, i.e., the Graphics chat. That website have an portfolio page which includes price range as well as portfolio(behance/flickr/Imgur) of the creators. The one you suggested is slightly better than the existing one but seeing that there have been some far better suggestions in the past and there have been no response to them yet gives negligible hope that such a suggestion would be taken in and implemented in xat in the future.

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  4. Hey! Here's my smilies:

    1. (xmricebowl#xmricebowl#rsnowglobe#glitterfx#tohypno#ffffff)

    2. (aprincess#ahair4#8b4726#christmas#snows#angel#rilove)

    3. (kxtree#e5e697#holidays#bauble#r#matchban#ffffff)

    4. (kxsnowflake#r#snowflake#tohypno#ffffff#sfglobe)

    5. (kwjam#mmback#ffffff#claus#holidays#alilove2#ffffff#r)

    Merry Christmas! 


    lllViLeNlll (1480407219)

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  5. 35 minutes ago, theFlower said:

    if you dont like my topic just unfollow it ty for understand . and  as i said if i accept opinion of one of you its up to me . 

    Critics are more vital than the followers. You made a public post suggesting an idea and if before it's implemented, the pros and cons needs to be weighted carefully else it'll cause problems later. It's not about negative or positive, it's just opinions and not everyone have same opinions. Don't be just ignorant to the criticism others have to give. Keeping this aside, I really like your idea.

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