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  1. Why isn't there an All of the above option?
  2. Happy New Year to everyone! Hustle and chill hard. Make yourself proud!
  3. Hey! Here's my smilies: 1. (xmricebowl#xmricebowl#rsnowglobe#glitterfx#tohypno#ffffff) 2. (aprincess#ahair4#8b4726#christmas#snows#angel#rilove) 3. (kxtree#e5e697#holidays#bauble#r#matchban#ffffff) 4. (kxsnowflake#r#snowflake#tohypno#ffffff#sfglobe) 5. (kwjam#mmback#ffffff#claus#holidays#alilove2#ffffff#r) Merry Christmas! lllViLeNlll (1480407219)
  4. Critics are more vital than the followers. You made a public post suggesting an idea and if before it's implemented, the pros and cons needs to be weighted carefully else it'll cause problems later. It's not about negative or positive, it's just opinions and not everyone have same opinions. Don't be just ignorant to the criticism others have to give. Keeping this aside, I really like your idea.
  5. Prize Received. Thanks @Goku & @HelperNate! Congrats @India nd @Dazer
  6. lllViLeNlll (1480407219) Hey! Here's my Entry: Variant: https://i.imgur.com/wu1GZxg.png Cheers!
  7. "Wise sayings often fall on barren ground, but a kind word is never thrown away." While wisdom is important, it must be shared with kindness. Be kind!
  8. "You will have a long and wealthy life." I hope so!
  9. lllViLeNlll (1480407219) Hi! Here is my entry: INNER: OUTER: https://i.imgur.com/kVxhjsn.png https://i.imgur.com/r1RWMnD.png https
  10. I can make 10 accounts and gain 10000 xats and 100 days in 1 hour this way. Sounds great!
  11. Parth

    my new work

    I work as a part-time freelancer as a hobby and I've just made one BG since my comeback after years so that's all I can show you: Click here. Nothing is perfect, everything always have a scope of improvement. Remember that too. Your welcome. ッ
  12. Parth

    my new work

    Hey, it's good if you're a beginner but you should increase the efforts and put more creativity in the art that you create. You just use the template and add a background picture and then a text, but it's clean which is really nice. But try to improve the quality. Remember, quality > quantity. I know you'll be a great graphics designer with efforts put in. Goodluck!
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