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  1. Prize Received by Angy of 600 xats Thanks @ANGY
  2. Nightmare → Sleepeye Hands → Rockon Thanksgiving → Indian3 Circus → Lion Farm → Eggs2 Nerd → Phone Music → Violin Independence → Glowstick Zap → Shocking Spy → Spydrink Outfit → Grandpa Dreams → Scarydream Allhallows → Eatfx Battle → Bawhatever
  3. Parth


    xHeroParth (1480407219)
  4. xHeroParth (1480407219)
  5. My Entry for PCBack Design Thanks! Credits - Rhea & Manu
  6. I need an ID from which payment has been done for buying xats, Post down your IDs which u had done payments.. 8/9/10 digit ID and no need of rare ID and post prices too Tnx...
  7. @Five I mentioned above Not to re post posted templates on forums.. Anyways Thanks.
  8. @Rant Not Only Fonts.. For Bg's too if u have new templates or an Tip please Post Here ^.^
  9. Oh Thnx Brother @Manu
  10. Hi Guys.. I did graphics designing, maybe 3-4 months ago.. than i left doing it and again started and make 3D and 4D avatars.. I make Bg's too but not that enough good, so this is my kind request to all to tell me best font names and best templates which are not posted on forums yet as i viewed all them today and they all were amazing.. But i Need to be more good in graphics...Please post them in comments down. And special thing is that it needs to be of Photoshop, not paint.net.. Paint.net don't work in my PC, so i got Photoshop CS6.. Peace, xHeroParth
  11. Colors: (bg) / (00ffff) {Both are same} Text: Parth Any effects/extra requests: idk.. but make it the best !! GooD LuCk !!
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