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  1. surprised that no one suggested an eyetwitch. it would be a perfect emoji for when someone says something stupid. also a blackeye would be cool too
  2. With this mentality then we will normalize mediocracy. After years of the community asking for more hats, we're given 10 hats locked behind a second power? I don't think we should be counting our blessings, we should be thinking why would they even do this? Why not refine a power that is already created? They had a great chance of finally doing what the community has been asking for, but, instead, they made a catch.
  3. happy birthday tina! hope you're having a great day today. i love laughing at all this foolishness going around right now with you lol. 

    1. Christina


      TY!  What foolishness? LOL


    2. TinkerDoodle
  4. genuine question, why is this power necessary?
  5. if its more than 250 xats then yeah it should be added to justify the pricing. now that you guys are looking at friends, how about adding a feature like this . i think it is needed and necessary to at least organize the friends list. cause the fl has been the same for years now. something new should be added.
  6. I have a similar power suggested called landmarks. But I like your idea of statues
  7. They had so much to work with... They could've gone with so many different routes.. even add a new smile with wings like angel... But they went along with this amatureish style and are trying to pass it off as dragons. This is so disappointing and even pathetic. Common guys, there are enough cutesy powers already. Why not a power with adult dragons? Why not include a scroll where a dragon is burning a pawn? Or even add a custom ban animation where a dragon is burning a pawn to a crisp(ban pawn). You couldve even added new wings for God's sake because the angel wings have been arou

    1. Crow


      Thank you, Doodle! I appreciate it! (hug). What's the record for tickets answered in 1 week?

  9. this is so pathetic lol, what do they expect from users when brandon replies with "

    Everyone say after me: "My New Year's resolution is to not making any more topics like this." when users voice their concerns. articulate an actual reply to stop these users from making these threads. smfh. same year same bull

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    2. valGOD


      🔥 🔥 FLAKE ON FIRE 🔥 🔥 

    3. Flake





    4. Nick


      You guys are crazy for even thinking a volunteer based support system is viable for a business. Not even sure I would give xat the satisfaction of calling it one. 

  10. 80085 800875 800815 10004632 71832146
  11. I hope you feel better and your recovery is quick lemon <3 <3

    1. Lemona


      Aweeee thanks Tinky!! I'm doing great! <3 

  12. Great interview/intro, I didn't expect the questions to get as deep as they did. Keep up the great work!
  13. pc a mod or pc someone with days lol, someone will more than likely sell you a day
  14. This shouldn't be a power at all. Like oj said a feature of this would be superb
  15. I don't know if this is the right place to ask but why was the previous thread deleted? The one with the poll. I didn't get to read all the responses
  16. Yeah this is the best in my opinion. You can open a poll or thread asking what counrtires the community wants to see represented in the power. It can be a nice inclusive power that has a bit of culture all around the world. For example Russia can have the Saint Basil's Cathedral with some fireworks around it.
  17. We have been told that it's because of trust . Which I think is a pathetic excuse because why make someone you don't trust a volunteer in the first place?
  18. will there a monthly contrib log for nov Orr???

    1. Angelo


      On 11/1/2017 at 12:56 PM, Chelly said:

      On the first day of the new month, someone from the Contributor group will post a thread providing a summary for discussions that were discussed in the Contributor section during the previous month.


    2. Crow


      You can read it after opening your advent calendar. :p

    3. TinkerDoodle
  19. HAHA IDK WHY I LOVE THE SMILE WITH THE STASH. perfect addition lmaoo
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