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  1. TinkerDoodle (1431143)
  2. memes are the true art of this era
  3. thank you for making such a descriptive and helpful suggestion
  4. It's pointless because they'll just move chats. What you are offering is a short term solution. But what can be done to prevent what Karl is saying? Im 100% confident.... well.. 99.9% confident the admins and Vols will look into this because now the entire website is at risk of having legal action filed against it since there are obviously laws against child predators. However what can xat really do in the long run? These people can make countless chats to go to and keep up what they're doing. You can't have a mod on every single chat, you can't see what happens in every single private chat. I'm not saying it's impossible but it's very very difficult finding a long term solution to fight and prevent this.. It's a shame that this conversation is happening after all the years flirt was around. If you think it's bad now, you should've seen it when it had more than 1 pool LOL. But ey, better late than never. @Admin are u looking into this? @vols
  5. I think the best thing to do is email the admins WITH PROOF and also try to get some vols to inform the admins about this too. What you're claiming is serious and you should've taken ss's of the entire ordeal and emailed the admins immediately. If what you're claiming IS true then I agree.. further action should be taken. However who's to say this isn't happening in other chats? If you take flirt down then these people will move onto another chat and they'll just keep on migrating. There needs to be a long term, because what you're suggesting is just short term.
  6. Yes, if the prices don't end up being insanely high of course.
  7. 143742 90210 741852963 7042017 OR 742017
  8. White noise
  9. happy birthday small <3 

    1. iMIKI


      Thank you bro ! (hug) 

  10. Added big ben, thanks for the suggestion!
  11. L
  12. Or possibly, users with zoom can zoom in on the shrunken text? But that can be very problematic
  13. That's also a good idea tbh, haven't thought about it.
  14. Hey everyone, I have a new jinx suggestion. Use: (shrinkjinx) is a jinx power where the victi... jinxed have their text shrunk. Whenever they type. I don't think it should be so small that it's impossible to read what the person is saying, but it is up to the smiley makers to decide. Hug: It can be the person who is sending the hug is shrinking the pawn of the user they're sending the hug to. Why? I feel like it can be a cute addition to the jinx series. We haven't seen anything like this yet and it can possibly open some doors for more powers. Price: 100-200 Unlimited Side suggestion. We should be able to see emoticons in the chat scroll. Like /s Welcome! (Hi), the hi emotion shows. It's really a QOL update but still. I'm just gonna be adding this to all my suggestions till it gets added.
  15. FIFY