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  1. Inactive volunteers [serious replies only]

    isnt it up to the head of the volunteer team @Brandon to decide and evaluate who are inactive within the team and choose the appropriate actions? based on the list now it seems that most of the vols are active. given one go on xat chat and are inappropriate there but that's not here nor there. but over all the current team does seem active, like others say just cause you dont see them in chat dont mean they dont answer tickets. thats assuming they dont have that rule already in place, the vols arent transparent and dont really share how the team is ran(for good reason im assuming) but its almost like a thread like this shows up once a month or so and nothing gets done. if it really is such an issue just email admins about it and get others to email them too. he will listen if enough people voice their concerns.
  2. Poll On Why xat Is Getting Less Busy

    how the phrase was worded was the vols just deleted a bg for example or an outer. it was just confusing. but yeah i guess it happened before, but i doubt it would be enough for people to quit xat flat out tho lmfao.
  3. Poll On Why xat Is Getting Less Busy

    xat Volunteers Removing Content Off Chatrooms has this even ever happened before ?
  4. Faveorite Thanksgiving food?

  5. 467 YOGA

    I think its the first time emoticons actually have legs, its a cute power but its so weird seeing them with legs full on legs

    is it me or does the back just looks a regular smile with the cyan hex in it? does it have an actual glow in chat?
  7. New Moderator: Angelo

    grats @Crow you're finally not alone!
  8. Freezeban

    Oh this is a fantastic idea!! I like this suggestion a lot. Great job!
  9. The first thing that comes to your mind

  10. Heros like Sins(Saints)

    It'd be best if you rename it to saints if you want the opposite of sins.
  11. New rank for official xats/tributes

    honestly, you're the smartest one here , speaking the truth
  12. New rank for official xats/tributes

    wouldnt be an issue if the appropriate people got the title decent suggestion, hopefully it wont be abused if implemented
  13. Titles and vote system

    Lol ur right , but some of the people Tina is fighting for weren't kicked out. They retired. That's the entire point of this thread. Like I said in the thread about the title color and name changes , keeping it retired Vols would create issues and it'll make Brandon , contribs or whoever the hell decides who gets what look stupid because there's 0 reason as to why certain Vols aren't getting the title. It'll just create more bad than good.
  14. Titles and vote system

    Then they should change it back to Emeritus because @Brandon would have a stronger reason as to why he refuses to give those who deserve the title lol. You wouldn't like it if someone discredits all the work you put into something for 8+ years. But I agree this subject is dead. No matter how much you try to debate with logic and sense it doesn't work. Imo we should discuss how to adv the forum so more people know about it, especially since we now know the admins/smiley makers actually do take our suggestions. I can imagine there are so many unique power suggestions but people don't know where to post them.