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  1. xat.chat Fireside Interviews

    Great interview, totally worth the wait! "And no, promoting random people like Jimmy the Help mod or Billy the Ajuda member just because they’ve shown to be trustworthy for a few months is not a solution." This is something that constantly needs to be repeated cause it's so true. I do have to say that shady pasts don't matter to the admins after all and this doesn't only apply to xat5 staff... and recently it seems peoples shady present also doesn't matter to them too.
  2. 455 SILENTBAN

    Ohh okay that makes a lot more sense, I was just flat out confused why they'd just release a broken power. Hopefully these issues get fixed soon tho, it's a great power
  3. 455 SILENTBAN

    why did they release a broken power :S, they should just refund the people who bought it (if possible) and just release it when it isn't broken..
  4. 455 SILENTBAN

    Is it intended to be like that? For the power to work with only gcontrol?

  6. Rent-A-Pawn

    i to have suggested this, so pretty much multiple suggested the same function now its up to the admins to implement it. good suggestioon danns
  7. 454 NIGHTMARE

    Halloween came early i guess
  8. Forum Updates

    Suggest new powered then. It's been proven smiley makers look at forum suggestions cause they've used a good bit of suggestions already.
  9. 453 Cuticorn

    if at least 1 emoticon doesn't have a rainbow/sparkles incorporated in it some how, i'll be very disappointed..
  10. Favorite Sexy Actor

    Tyley Posey <3 <3 <3
  11. Troll power

    I suggest a (meme) power all together. I've made a thread/discussion about this and some suggestions are in it too, here.
  12. Im liking this new update tbh. A few tweaks are needed and it will be perfect. It's sleek and modern. Pleasantly surprised. Keep it up! 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Cupim


      Apparently main posts are highlighted with a bolder color (which I approve)

    3. Guppy


      @Cupim Apparently the automatic color is grey. @Admin fix plz, make automatic color black. http://i.imgur.com/VYohgTG.png

    4. Brandon


      The text is now close to black.

  13. 452 SLINE

    Can be called cline for custom line or cbar for custom bar
  14. 452 SLINE

    Great power, for some reason when I saw the new of the power I thought it was a power or function that would allow you to see smiles in the chat scroll. Like if you do /s Hi (wave) a mini version of the wave emoticon shows up. But neat power, glad to see a useful power come out after a few weeks of useless/lackluster smiles be pushed out.