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  1. love youuu tinaa <3 

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      True love! 



  2. Get out! I hear so much good things about it.
  3. Night
  4. Happy birthday!!

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      Thank you Tinker!!

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  7. Soo any news
  8. Should I be petty and post some screenshots? You decide. 








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      I have nothing better but you're trying to get me demoted from virtual ranks 😩😩😩 bless 

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  9. Your point is?
  10. Congrats!!!
  11. Erm.. what are we congradulating him on ?
  12. Kinda curious, what was the reason for making ruby a seperate pawn and not just make emerald the new pawn with the jeweled name effect?
  13. Sweet update, anyone know the price of the pawn?
  14. Wiki translator, a bunch of vols were already interviewed, mix things up