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  1. Jey

    Power Collectable

    Another idea may be that those who have everypower and a number of units of other powers such as between 10 and 50 units of power different from the one suggested can be chosen to have another type of reward for the pawn, and on the other hand of the user as you say and also if they have a quantity of a single power since there is also a car plate they can be assigned a plate that classifies them as a collector. and if you have an amount of each power an example more than 3 you can look for a reward for being a collector It can be as you say a unique pawn or a unique hat
  2. Jey

    Power Collectable

    I liked the idea of complementing the power and it is a great idea and as you say based on this idea you can look for more methods to find more ideas apart from the hat you say and I think that it is investigated with more caution and that more users give ideas. can achieve something unique and cool. Regarding trademarks, I know that you cannot use registered trademarks but you can create trademarks, for example, soft drink caps that bear official xat logos.
  3. today I come with the idea of a power of what people like to collect. some of my ideas are: 1.world currencies 2.world banknotes 3.soda caps 4.Mail stamp 5.autographed baseball ball 6.autographed football shirt 7.autographed basketball jersey 8.basketball cards 9.tennis collection 10.world car license plates 11.acetate disc 12.canvas paintings And some of my ideas like coins, bills, soda caps, car license plates, and shoes can only be changed in colors, shapes and colors. I will leave some images so that my idea is better understood. The images are not mine, they were searched so that you have a better idea of what I mean i hope you like my idea and if you have any other idea of an object that can be collected, do not hesitate to comment.
  4. Jey

    power antiques

    Hi. perhaps many of us do not remember how the first objects that were used were created and why not pay tribute to the first inventions and it would be a great power. i attach some images. I hope you like this idea and if you have any other old inventions feel free to share and expand the power with more ideas.
  5. I came up with this little idea of two builds to create two super 1.superaquatic = sea froggy - toad - fishbowl - octo - hippos - kpeng - kduck - drip - jaws - aquatic - quackers - narwhal 2. supermystery = dragons - aliens - aliblue - ali - cuticorn - creature - dinosaur - six - fairy - egyptian - angel Hope you like it and if you have any other power to add it would be great
  6. Exactly was my question, thanks for the answer
  7. I have a question, you can trade from the search engine of the cell phone by placing it in html5 version the xat
  8. Hi I saw some people put up ideas for the juice, but when I read it, the idea was to add a smile or facial effects, I came up with an idea of the power of the juice, but normal as summer is coming. have this power of the drinks as is the example in the image. I have the idea as seen in the image of the drinks small pieces of fruit, so my idea is that those pieces of fruit can move inside the glass so that it has an effect if it can be done or left simple as it is reflected in the image If users like the idea and have some fruit drinks in mind, comment and you can create great power Pawn ideas..... + an empty glass jar + the pawn can be the mason jars with the color of the juice + a piece of fruit + a straw I hope you like my idea.
  9. Jey

    Mango power

    Hello Searching for some pages I found this image of animated mangoes and I was struck by creating a power similar to the image I don't know if this idea could already be suggested
  10. Good suggestion that can be made lively
  11. Of course, it is believed that all flags can be used, this is just an example, but the idea is that all flags be used.
  12. Good afternoon, people. Today I come to recommend a power called fashion masks, with different designs and some masks with other motives I hope you like my idea and if you have ideas you can comment on them so you can create a power with more reasons I do not know if this idea was already had by someone else or is similar to another publication. You can also make many more mask motifs by adding effects or colors or prints. * I think this power can have different motives and it will be a great power, for example, where the panda can be created with various animals such as the one with the flags and the footprints of the animals, the food and the lips , many different faces can be used as smiles, laughs, as an effect on the mask I leave these images I found to have more ideas. I hope you like the idea..
  13. These are my funds. I hope you like them. Inner Outer Banner Button color #000001 or #b40915
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