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  1. Him and I became so close this year. He was so happy when he found out I finally had a girlfriend. We were going to go to vegas in six days and drive to California and meet "Soar (691123)" one of some of my closest friends in my life. Literally my brothers. He didn’t want to tell anyone that he was going to die in three days. He told four people and that was it. He told me he wanted a little brother and that was why we were going to Vegas to spend more time together. He was going to treat me to every single thing I probably ever want and now we can’t go to Vegas together. His phone is being sh
  2. Todd


    The first cookie reminds me of the grandma from SpongeBob Squarepants. They're really cute and look delicious. Would eat the cookies. The cans of milk is a nice touch to it too.
  3. Would this be a full replacement of how we currently edit xatspaces and write code, or is this just an implementation? I sure hope that it would not remove how we currently create xatspaces, but it would be a nice implementation to add-on to what we currently have.
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