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  1. I miss you! :(

  2. Congratulations Angelo! Very well deserved - a testament to your hard work ethic and helpfulness.
  3. Maybe not have main owners with terrible reputations and who have done deplorable things previously (ie. dissing others in a disgusting way). I mean, how can you expect respect or activity from the community that you once insulted?
  4. Happy Birthday my friend! Hope you had a great day and don’t eat too much pizza :p

    1. Angelo


      I’ll try man! Thanks! 

  5. Today I will be leaving xat and moving on. I have loved the friendships I've made here, however this website is becoming a waste of time for me, simply because of the direction it is heading in and the fact that there aren't enough people to have a conversation with at times, despite being a social media website. 


    Best wishes to all, and I hope that xat can revive itself and succeed in the future. 

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    2. Booh


      good luck and success on your journey was good to work with you

    3. maura


      byebye enjoy your life good luck in the future young one

    4. Lemona


      CHARLIE BOI!!!!! So sad to hear about this. I'm cheering you on no matter what your future holds! Best of luck my friend! All love xo

  6. There are xats in the gamebot at xat.com/game!

  7. Any update on this? It's been a while. @SlOom @Admin
  8. Congratssss broo you deserve this :d 8-)

    1. SirCharlie


      Thanks very much Don - I will try to do my best! (hug)

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