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  1. Congratssss broo you deserve this :d 8-)

    1. SirCharlie


      Thanks very much Don - I will try to do my best! (hug)

  2. Welcome to the Contributors group!

  3. Happy Birthday Pink!

    1. Chelly


      Thanks Charlie

  4. Cups - hat#hc Stopped Working

    In the last day the hat#hc from the Cups power has stopped working, while the other hats with the power still work.
  5. Win kwolf nightmare fitness

    SirCharlie (73737077), probably Clash of Clans, travel.

    SirCharlie (73737077)
  7. Heyo, I'm back, Win a CLEAR

    SirCharlie (73737077)
  8. Last Letter Of The Word Game.

  9. A way to tell if someone is using invisible power

    No @Bau, he is talking about something else. Nathan, perhaps the invisible pawn that shows for the user using the power (it's semi-faded), could show to the others, alongside the 'hover status' as
  10. That is very impractical, nevertheless, you have to type the person you're assisting's messages out - some languages this is rather impossible.
  11. Most Help chats cannot always be covered by staff, and at Assistance, we rarely cover more than a few languages at times due to staff availability and timezones. For example, I may be the only staff member online at a time, without days and someone is asking for assistance in Spanish. I do not speak this language, but I could provide assistance very easily if the translator app was available. Any assistance is better than none. I don't want this to turn into an argument, but I think it's pretty hard for those not involved with the assistance chatrooms to make generalisations and assumptions. Edit: Yes, this is one of the reasons for why I am suggesting this.