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  1. I'm a bit rusty with gfx but here ya go: I'll do the rest soon (maybe, probably, most likely never)
  2. index.

    Free xatspace!

    Thank you all! Do you mean where to paste the CSS? if so, you need to activate the "Advanced mode" and paste the css in the first field. Check this screenshot: http://prntscr.com/fbb3kf/direct Next time try searching it online, or ask on the Help xat. wow, Danneh praised me, I can happily die now
  3. index.

    Free xatspace!

    At the time I didn't know I was going to share it, but it was supposed to make it harder for thieves to change stuff
  4. index.

    Free xatspace!

    @SlOom nope.png (at least not right now)
  5. index.

    Free xatspace!

    welp, maybe I should dump everything I've made so far, before I delete it without knowing. Most of them are partially completed (because I'm lazy) and also hard to edit because of the verbose css, but it may be useful to just crop out a few chunks of css and paste on your own xatspaces. You're free to do anything you want with it after all. Before asking questions about how to edit stuff, make sure to right click > inspect on the element you want to change, and try to figure it out by yourself. -------------------------------------------------------------
  6. I hope you like circles. LIVE PREVIEW CSS: background:var(--bg)}/* ❮/❯ with ❤ by index - iiiiiiii (409914266) */:root{--bg:#000;--scheme:#5f55de;--icon:url("\68\74\74\70\3a\2f\2f\69\36\37\2e\74\69\6e\79\70\69\63\2e\63\6f\6d\2f\39\6b\6f\77\65\76\2e\70\6e\67");--pos:18px;--border:3px;--time:4s;--tr:20,80px;--delay:0ms;--x:10px;display:table;margin:auto;overflow:hidden}:root:after{content:'';position:absolute;background:linear-gradient(0deg,var(--scheme)-500%,transparent);width:100%;height:50%;bottom:0;left:0}_:-ms-lang(x),:root{background:#000 url("\68\74\74\70\3a\2f\
  7. LINK: http://i.imgur.com/lEjcPIG.png
  8. Hello! LIVE PREVIEW INNER: BUTTON: #5C0CFF OUTER-CSS: :root{background:var(--y),var(--x)}/*CSS by iiiiiiii (409914266) - [ɪɴᴅᴇx]*/*{outline:0}*{text-decoration:none !important}:root{--x:url("\68\74\74\70\3a\2f\2f\69\2e\69\6d\67\75\72\2e\63\6f\6d\2f\58\5a\57\46\31\55\4a\2e\6a\70\67") top center / cover fixed}:root{--y:url("\68\74\74\70\3a\2f\2f\69\36\33\2e\74\69\6e\79\70\69\63\2e\63\6f\6d\2f\32\31\79\34\32\30\2e\70\6e\67") center repeat-y}:root{--p:url("\68\74\74\70\3a\2f\2f\69\36\34\2e\74\69\6e\79\70\69\63\2e\63\6f\6d\2f\72\6d\34\76\30\6e\2e\70
  9. Hello! INNER: Button: #FFFFFF OUTER: :root{background:var(--y), var(--x)}/*by iiiiiiii (409914266) - [ɪɴᴅᴇx]*/:root{--x:url("\68\74\74\70\3a\2f\2f\69\2e\69\6d\67\75\72\2e\63\6f\6d\2f\58\71\46\71\43\4f\7a\2e\6a\70\67") top center fixed / cover}:root{--y:url("\68\74\74\70\3a\2f\2f\69\36\33\2e\74\69\6e\79\70\69\63\2e\63\6f\6d\2f\32\31\79\34\32\30\2e\70\6e\67") center fixed repeat-y}table:nth-of-type(3) tr td:nth-child(even):not(:last-of-type){display:none !important}div[style="height: 16px"]:first-of-type{border-top:1px solid rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.3);}
  10. index.

    Free xatspace!

  11. index.

    Free xatspace!

    of course! you can change as much as you want
  12. index.

    Free xatspace!

    I'll be sharing a few xatspaces I've made, feel free to use/modify them. Enjoy! LINK LINK LINK LINK >>>>PART 2<<<<
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