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  1. the specific user part isnt working when i use /so, everyone can still see o,message same with any other rank the rank letter shows in the scroll
  2. Where are all the mods? chat being spammed bad right now
  3. well thanx anar i suppose.. shes been waiting patiently but its been a month didnt think they were that behind...
  4. II have a friend MissBB2011 (311681885) who was inactive for over a year and she is getting error 55 when she came back about a month ago. She has sent in a ticket and hasnt gotten a response back nor the held been removed. I know fer a fact she hasnt done anything wrong or illegal in xats eyes. Im just wondering if one you vols can please look at her ticket and let her back into her account fully so she can use her powers and things she has bought. I would greatly appreciate the help with her.. Thank you
  5. any kind of cowboy hat would be nice
  6. Whats up folks? Pretty boring day over here..What bout all of u?

  7. Cant u already use color codes to change the colors of texts and smilies? Specially with the new NG for text
  8. I believe the admins have been more acceptable yes but i think they need to broaden who they actually listen and get help from. It seems they have their fav's they always take advice or help from before someone they dont even know. I think it could still grow a bit more and would love to see that
  9. I would go for something like this. I dont see how adding different text types would do anything tho. You can copy n paste any font u want as it is
  10. i could go for some animal pawns
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