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  1. Do not try to compare a ruby (EPIC) with a power of 211 xats (MIEDO-LIMITADO), question is the abusive value too, but the question here is the everypower of the people who dedicate their time to xat.com and with their expenses to maintain it, and yes the time of his next release, leaving many users unmotivated to continue using the platform that has already lost enough users.
  2. Well, my opinion on this is practically the same as the beginning of this topic, I found it quite unnecessary for a POWER to be limited to users who depend on it for their everypower, when everyone dedicates themselves to being on xat, some take their own leisure time just to wait for the new power of the week, and this is being taken from users who have everypower, which did not come out for free and cost a lot of money, maybe this will leave more users dissatisfied and therefore xat is weaker than in the past, why who you really need it, you will have to be without everypower for a demand for smaller releases than we have for users with every, and a huge greed on the part of those who got some MIEDO. I think they should change this form, and start to remember more of the users that it frequents, after all the xat depends on them, before it can end up with nobody else being interested in it. @Admin
  3. Mauzim

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    I participate Mauzim (1489668313)
  4. Mauzim


    Mauzim (1489668313)
  5. Prize received, thank you @Masha
  6. I received the prize. Thanks @Shizuo & @Masha
  7. Mauzim

    Win 1500 XATS

    Mauzim (1489668313)
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