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  1. is this the krusty krab?

    1. Ravey


      No, this is patrick

  2. This is a very nice idea! I hope the admins take this into consideration
  3. RIP Andy 💙 You will be missed by all 😭
  4. I suggested this a while back (sometime in May I believe) and realized I should change up some things... Anyway, the "Sproof" power allows Main Owners/Owners to edit what other users have said, once edited, it will not be saved into the events log. Also, it will say that the message has been edited on the main chat. Example: Can be changed to: You must have the power to edit it, it is not a group power.
  5. Blacky, You DO NOT have to be a professional to help people cope. This chat is specifically made to help people, not cure them. We are in NO WAY curing these people, just helping thing get through the tough times in their mental illnesses. Doctors are not perfect 24/7, they are far from that. Now if you have anymore questions, feel free to ask. Thank you.
  6. I was using the xat HTML5 feature on my tablet, when I noticed a small bug. When you go to put in the Emoji, it comes out as the :| emoji What i put in https://prnt.sc/ierbxa What it comes out as https://prnt.sc/iercj7
  7. I recently downloaded mobile xat on my Android phone. I have the power shuffle, but not animate, though when I am online, my avatar is flashing as if I have animate. Please respond.
  8. Seems a little weird, but, oh well. The "Sproof" power is a group power that allows Main Owner make members say things they didn't type. Example: "(NAME) Rules the world"
  9. jaxonn

    "Help" Pawn

    Was it added or did you make this?
  10. Pretty :3 Link: http://i.imgur.com/f1jx08N.png?1 (i know my display name on here is Jackstor, i cant change it for a while) xat regname: IAmHulaMan
  11. jaxonn

    "Help" Pawn

    I'm not sure if this is much if a pawn but I think it is a good idea. What it is is a pawn where you hit the question mark on your keyboard and it makes your pawn a question mark, it lets people know that this user needs help.
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