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  1. happy bday John T"ravolt"a!

  2. Happy  Birthday!

  3. my life is edm RVLUltimo1 (535105683)
  4. RVLUltimo1 (535105683)
  5. Waiting for the day when admin locks this topic and replies "I won."
  6. Second entry: Credits: Background Plague doctor
  7. So obvious. Smash Mouth - All Star Light up this fire before you come rushing
  8. First entry: (I'm not too happy with it but I hope that you are.) Credits: "Death" Wallpaper
  9. I don't know why but when I upload an image, it gets darker .-. First entry: Second entry: Third entry: Edit: Added second entry Edit 2: Fixed second entry, added third // I still have psd files so I can scale it all.
  10. Why doesn't <Som work? :p

    1. Daniel


      It was fixed months ago.


  11. Summer holidays, pretty obvious isn't it? xd
  12. If anybody wants, please tell me what can I improve. Also good luck to everyone! Button color code: 7ca0c4 Outer bg coming soon... (Maybe xD)
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