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  3. Another power related to hair? It even seems like a joke. lol
  4. Of what it is worth releasing many units of power, being that the users demand is lower than in the past, they should stop releasing repetitive powers with other names, because honestly the old powers are much better. make decent powers like it was 2010 until 2013. those yes were worth buying. Creative powers in small quantity released as they used to be was the best time. If xat.com does not change this policy, that every weekend has to cast a different power, in large units, it will always be the same story.
  5. People do not give a chance to these new powers and simply sell them, because they know that the amount of their release will be great will not generate a good profit, is because next week there will be a new power is the old power will be forgotten due to short period of appreciation. If xat.com does not change this policy, that every weekend has to launch a different power, it will always be the same story.
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