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  1. as said by junior there is no reason to remove the "embed" below the chat on the right side. (like this has been added for accessibility reasons.)

    but i agree that your suggestion is cool and might give xat a bit more reach, and i'm sure they'll find a place to implement those ideas.

  2. Hola,

    luego de realizar la compra en el "buy" espera a que tus xats estén en la cuenta. puede tardar hasta 24 horas. si ya lo ha hecho y el xats ya está en la cuenta, hace "login" e intente abrir el ticket en el tema de ayuda HELP TOPIC > "short names and groups"


    el asunto "subject" debes contener 5 palabras en inglés y o mais.

    mensaje "message" tu descricion de el problema en inglés tambien.

    despues hace clic en "Open ticket"


    Las respuestas de los voluntarios estarán en el correo electrónico relacionado con la cuenta, haga clic y lo llevará al ticket para responder las preguntas de seguridad.

  3. I'd like to see in future "Announcements and promotions via email" it would be very useful to alert old users and giving possibility to new users accept or not when registering at xat with these announcements and promotions via email.


    Why it would be very useful?

    It will bring the old users, alot of users in determined days come into chats saying "wow xat still alives, that's, i just was searching something with X and i found xat in my emails." Then it's clearly a good point. Also these old and new users will have a option to unfollow.

    There's not bad opinion.


    Unblocking xat in turkey;

    Unblocking xat in turkey is clearly a good point, but a decision as told very complicate cause it's envolving laws. But can't discart the point that it could brings new turkish users.

    Note: until same if someday there for some advertising on other social networks.


    Help chats in auto-promotion;

    Clearly these chats aren't only one promoteds there is alot yet. But the point is that putting these help chats can be a good way to give more informations/knowledge and interaction to the users in every xat.com cause I see that xat forum don't have X % of users activity/registered as in xat chats.



    xat Annual Budget for the year of 2021;

    Well, I don't know exactly if xat already has given to these chats manager something to keep the chats with background and everything.... but i'll leave my opinion about that.


    If there's something to give, then i say (why not test powers?)

    It could be more simple and safe, until same to avoid abuses of own chats manager (i'm not assuming that them can make that, but only a way better and safe without any injustice.)

    Also if chats manager receive something to keep the chats with background/background contests and etc i assume that keep like this and do not change nothing same if it's only for the year 2021. I'm not discarting that it could be more fun and cool to the staffs receive some xats for their efforts haha!!! But that's still a volunteer job.



    I was bored then i come to write what i think.


    Thanjs for this contributor monthly log!

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  4. 9 hours ago, Ethan said:

    It's a nice idea and I hope it gets implemented, however...





    "Epic powers are generally very expensive powers that give more desirable effects. They are regarded as rewards for skilled traders. Epic powers can be both Unlimited or Limited."

    (Source: https://xat.wiki/Category:Epic)


    I know that by putting "EPIC" inside those brackets you imply that it doesn't necessarily need to be one (correct me if I'm wrong) but why would it ever be epic? lol


    It doesn't offer any "desirable effect" (you could argue that redcard doesn't either and I would definitely agree with you but that's another story) and the price is definitely too low (not saying that it should be higher).


    Also, I don't get why it should be limited.


    It's something that would be useful to everyone and afaik the only limited group power which is also a function power is Blastde but I guess that's fine cause it's just an animation.




    as this is just a concept of what it could be, obviously as you said it can be LIMITED OR UNLIMITED, but it will be up to xat himself, as they can change as they wish. and even deciding whether this could be an epic power or not, to avoid confusion and I think it didn't help "()".

    and it will keep as that.

    and my opinion is that it is a power totally different and that can get very valued for chat owners.

    and there's alot of chats group yet.


    But, yes man, thank you for your constructive cristicm, all comments are welcome. (victory)


  5. Hello, forum, I'd like to suggest a new group power.



    Name: (BlastTime)

    Status: limited

    Price: 220 xats



    What it is?:

    this power will allow users to know the time remaining to get unbanned and the reason and it will be always stamped on the screen of chat always that the user enter on the chat specified with GROUP POWER (Blasttime) active on it with a game menu option.

    How it will works?:

    Active the power on your chat and mark the box and save, it will automatically active the function of power, in a additional chat managers could choose a random theme set by xat in edit, click in "EDIT" button on edit and there will display some theme of timer.

    note users also would to edit the theme with uploading themself backgrounds.

    What goes "PLAY GAMES" mean?:

    Play games is a third option for the user to entertain, since the user is banned.

    when there's group powers active on chat as snakerace,matchban etc.. it will display the games when click in "Play games" button.

    if there's no gamebans assigned to the chat, it will show as "empty games".

    Why it is so cool and could be implemented?:

    Well, defintely it was well thought, elaborated how could be a good GROUP POWER for the entertaiment of users banned when it's a short time of ban or until same leave others users meet gamebans POWERS, In addition to making the chat more "rich", the power is also useful for users who have not seen the reason for the ban.


    click on the image for a better view.






    Credits: Vevrok (899981669) (concept and some ideas) Cueio (14141414) (for the idea and ceoncept) Henrique (305799997) (some ideas)


    ***Find us on xat Ajuda

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  6. well, your suggestion seems to be interesting and it  also was suggested some times on old forum, and here maybe? I don't know.


    but it can be taken in consideration with html5 everything is possible.


    for example see who voted, embed, background, share, Message, time, almost all these are insteresting.


    see users suggesting and always wanting to innove is very good.

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  7. this pawn seems with celebrity pawn (cyan pawn) it would be nice if were implemented as one of EVERYPOWER PAWNS.

    who knows in future xD

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  8. are you using kaspersky? If it's enabled it will keep blocking xat.com (you'll need disable it or put to allow xat.com).


    we had other cases this.


    If that's not the case, just clear your history and cookies. Log into your account from, > login < click here.

    Click Settings and accept 3nd. then refresh your page and click 'Agree' again.


    If also not solve, try another browser.



    Let us know if it's working fine. 

  9. Hello,

    You must put your desired page name correctly as it says in xat wiki and their screenshot..


    Note: You can also use this, CLICK HERE. when redirected to the website

    fill the "Page name", 

    in "Posts" you can select another option and click in "generate"

    Width and height are optional, but you can re-just it.

  10. Like fair I know, I suggested this peersonally before same your post and the team development already has plans to this. But yeah, that's great!

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  11. 13 minutes ago, Page said:

    As Henrique said, we can do anything with power (ME), but anyway, I liked your suggestion, specially this could be our “default” xat space, a new version from the older.

    This is a good idea, hope see it in the future. 


    what about the css?

    css can be replaced with "ME" power rework, which add new styles to the INTERFACE a option can be added into the "xatspace settings" up to 10 styles different as a dark mode option but in different styles.


    I comment about this in "what about the css" which can have a new rework on that, anyways thanks for your comment xD

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