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  1. (d)          (a)

  2. xat Ajuda

    1. Fair


      zoado em parça

    2. Bau


      I have banned Vevrok 69 hours - Reason: Innapropriate status (rolleyes)

    3. iDan

    xat is life, xat is leisure, xat is entertainment, xat is culture, xat is fun, xat is everything (hippo)

    1. Cherry


       2020 se o xat  acabar a gente morrer :'(:'(

  4. xat, let's stop giving ranks to colleagues and let's put who really wants to help. be wiki editor, translator, or even contributor.


    1. Cherry
    2. Shizuo


      So you are saying that some of us don't even deserve those ranks?


  5. menor vevrok outra vez, ham

    1. Abrahan


      Vevroksinho, vejo você dormindo na Ajuda (hippo)

  6. if you have a dream, never give up, but do for where deserve it

  7. FA'Q: xatradio.com/register (all radio players before of to be used must firstly be approved on xatradio.)


    I just wanna be something in this world

  9. Happy Birthday LP! :p

    • Happy Birthday / Parabéns! :p
  10. trade with 4 pools so good great

    1. Abrahan


      They are the results of fidelity and work.

  11. Happy birthday man

  12. xat.com/ - forum.xat.com - xat.me/ - xat.wiki/

  13. Wiki translators, wiki editors, ticket volunteers, contributors, forum moderators, smiley makers, game makers, Administrators


    I think xat should innovate in essence as discord, but always stick to the essence of powers/xat.com, but, allow more interactions, so it could bring in a more gamers audience.


    HTML5 gives this opportunity.



    Allows users to chat to ech other with more then 2 peoples only , it could be max: 4 (remove,add,invite pool interaction)


    voice option in smilies tab list. (on,off,mute)


    etc alot of features


    same to mobile/PHONE



  15. gz contri


    1. Sergio


      Thank you thank you  @Vevrok :d

  16. HAPPY 13TH BDAY xat!!!!!!!!!!

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