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  1. Vevrok

    name limit

    are working on it already as I see on html5 chat!in increases the max characters of name. DONT WORRY!!
  2. Feliz aniversário(hug)abra

    1. Abrahan


      Obrigado Vevrok! (hug)

  3. but i would like to suggest a name before lma
  4. My list of suggested (unregistered) IDs: 191919 919191 1919919 991991 900000 100099 2861999
  5. Happy Birthday vals (hug)

    1. Valstein


      V e v r o k  , Thank you very much my brother  forever <3 (smirk) @Vevrok

  6. Hello, I would like to suggest a new power I don't know how to name it, i just made. Smiley makers can name it as them wants. Some examples of it: Hats:
  7. Congratulations LULU @Luana
  8. happy birthday 8-)

    1. Nathan


      Thanks vevrok! (victory)

  9. DJJJJ, happy birthday 8-)

  10. Vevrok


    Yes, it's a great suggestion of power, and it already has been suggested several times.
  11. Hp Bday 8-)

    1. DjCrazy





  12. @Stif Congratulations bro, well deserved!
  13. a great idea is back, this time on HTML5 chat !!!!
  14. Congratulations to the both of you!
  15. Congrats MR MAKER

    1. iSanty


      Thank you Vevrokk! (hug)

  16. I don't think this is the ideal topic for you to express yourself in relations to chats official. Move it to general discussion.
  17. well, if you already has set the youtube to autoplay and it do not autoplay, here some steps to fix it: Copy this link to your address bar and hit enter: chrome://settings/content/sound Make sure to check “Allow sites to play sound” if it’s not already checked. Where it says “Allow” click “Add” and type https://xat.me in. also check if you has set correctly the option, or try this site: https://i.xat.wiki/sc/ > youtube
  18. this is relative to html5, then them need fix it.
  19. well, i dont know if it will help you but you can try deleting all or the one you wish, and doing login again then delete (only if the friends back.) it will works properly when you do login next time. (it worked for me)
  20. sergioo, felicidades, happy birthday Xdd (hug)

    1. Sergio


      Muchas gracias Vevrok! (hug)

  21. Happy bday

    1. Solange


      Thank you! 🤗

  22. Happy birthday xd

    1. Bryan


      Thank you!


    1. Angelo


      Thanks Pedrito! (=

  24. Hello, this error is more familiar to the system 11 error (usually occurs when the person is held 55 (undetermined) and wants to delete the account.) he should open a ticket under help topic "Account Block" click here to open the ticket. (not needed to be user paid.) Note: also looks as him got xatspace deleted (account is deleted maybe?) got deleted by xat staff, breaking xat terms in relation (to xatspace/system 55) in others words held 55 is caused for being inactive for a long time too. and about the chat connection try clearing dates as cache/cookies of browser or try click in "LOGOUT" at top menu "ACCOUNT" > "LOGOUT" Preview: Click here
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