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  1. https://img.xatblog.net/image/0e0HhMJY1y.jpg
  2. normally that's not a problem. And they might consider it as "lack of feature", and add this in future. Note: you could try to suggest too.
  3. @RobFerrariHello, seems everything is working fine with the animations enabled and disabled. did you clear your cache as i mentioned above? if yes, do not asnwer to this. but if not, answer when do and see if it's working fine and leave us know.
  4. @RobFerrariHello, rob, could you clear your cache and see if the issue still remains? leave us know.
  5. Vevrok


    Vevrok (899981669)
  6.  @Vevrok 🎈 Baiano   party.png

    Muitas felicidades, Muitos anos de vida🎂🎈

  7. Happy Birthday to you @Vevrok Much light, wisdom and happiness in your life. ♥ 

  8. Happy birthday to you!Vevrok enjoy your day.🎂🎉🎊🎈

  9. Happy birthday @Vevrok

  10. Pedrito, que tengas un lindo día!! (blowkiss)

  11. Happy birthday vev.

  12. as said by junior there is no reason to remove the "embed" below the chat on the right side. (like this has been added for accessibility reasons.) but i agree that your suggestion is cool and might give xat a bit more reach, and i'm sure they'll find a place to implement those ideas.
  13. Congratulations, lemona!!!
  14. Hola, luego de realizar la compra en el "buy" espera a que tus xats estén en la cuenta. puede tardar hasta 24 horas. si ya lo ha hecho y el xats ya está en la cuenta, hace "login" e intente abrir el ticket en el tema de ayuda HELP TOPIC > "short names and groups" el asunto "subject" debes contener 5 palabras en inglés y o mais. mensaje "message" tu descricion de el problema en inglés tambien. despues hace clic en "Open ticket" Las respuestas de los voluntarios estarán en el correo electrónico relacionado con la cuenta, haga clic y lo llevará al ticket para responder las preguntas de seguridad.
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