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  1. lukasz2019 (800815) Theme: dragon ball super - Beerus Pcback name: Lukasz ID: no
  2. hello everyone this is a very good idea with this heart it looks nice and you could give it to the voting it would want such power .
  3. lukasz

    Bomb smilies

    Thank you very much @Maxo
  4. lukasz

    Bomb smilies

    Yes you are right and thank you for the compliment .
  5. lukasz

    Bomb smilies

    I know that it would be useful to have more details but as I mentioned it is just an idea to do something like that maybe thank you .
  6. lukasz

    Bomb smilies

    Hello, I would like to share a new idea for a new power I didn't have inspirations, I just browsed through the forum with suggestions and after checking the store what powers are there, what smilies I started doing something like angry . And as for the name, I haven't thought yet, but if he is angry then maybe (mad) (bomb) thank you and sorry if something is incomprehensible .
  7. hello I would like to make suggestions for a new power I know they are not a masterpiece but a bit ps and here I would like to share . thank you
  8. hello everyone I have browsed the forum and cool ideas for new powers I also have one of the upcoming movie detachives pikachu
  9. looks like an interesting powers
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