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  1. Happy Birthday, Stifler!

    1. Stif


      Thank you Danvers!

  2. The milk comes first, obviously :R
  3. The samba is... dance, life and all.

  4. Fairly festive! the smilies looks interesting, also has much of afro-brazilian culture.
  5. MrsDanvers (269296550)
  6. Love you ♥ xoxo

  7. Danvers

    Souls Power

    Haha, they souls form are cute. It's a good idea for a power
  8. Feed the life as you feed your mouth

  9. There's a limit about how many friends can be good friends? Thanks.
  10. I loved those cute smilies <3
  11. Danvers


    Do you have any idea to an epic?
  12. Congratulations Sydno, our best wishes ♥

  13. That sounds like a good idea, but to organize friends' classifications there may be better modifications. Maybe the standard pool bars that separate the rooms can be replaced by something less flashy?
  14. Not exactly all bot providers that often have feature problems
  15. Danvers

    /message PC/PM

    Well thought, I also think it should be via bot
  16. This is not a bad idea, although it can not be properly applied.
  17. None of these helps to "gain" knowledge, you must have patience to learn and read articles/ books first.
  18. Danvers


    Correct. We already have one powers similar to it
  19. Nice work! aww, animals are so cute * - *
  20. All aspect of this idea makes sense, so why not?
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