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  1. Mido

    New design

    Very nice to share well too
  2. There is a problem about deleting his account and unable to open a ticket Can one of the volunteers open his ticket to him This person's data and deleted account regname : cCcoOManDOo id : 1525875675 Email : <removed> issue: E28 account deleted
  3. nice idea deserves attention and there is no electric beam in powers i liked this suggestion , great suggest , nice OKa
  4. yes,already you can still write any name, but with the power that prevents this will be something special for all people I think it will keep the request more On this power
  5. The suggestion is very useful for personal impersonation and thefts that occur as a protection and encryption format will prevent many problems and thefts
  6. There was a theft and a scam through this chat
  7. this chat is fake and scam and stealing by Name of the original Chat the fake : http://xat.com/Mosa3edeh the orginal : http://xat.com/mosa3adeh Take action quickly to protect members from scams, fraud and theft
  8. I liked this suggestion but its implementation is difficult in xat.com because there are volunteers to help with this through the ticket
  9. Today my Birthday and also mother day i love this day

    1. Chelly


      Happy birthday!

    2. Crow


      Happy Birthday and best wishes!

    3. oka


      Happy Birthday Bro (hug) <3 

  10. There are one tries to open a ticket and but the problem "Unable to create a ticket. Please correct errors below and try again!" I've told him Delete Cookies and did it and did not change after the same message "Unable to create a ticket. Please correct errors below and try again!" please open ticket for help username : iiiinasmaiiii id : 1498451988 email : <removed> please help for this i assistance tried and failed I know you will say Make sure the subject is 5 words or more and that it is being opened under "Report Scam". To see for yourself <removed> We tried more than once, no one says try again
  11. This chat http://xat.com/mosa3edah impersonate official chat and the orginal http://xat.com/mosa3adeh The person impersonating the owner Prankster this Mo7ameedOKa (1521718156) the original Mo7amedOka (1143430131) this Mo7ameedOKa (1521718156) stolen powers from iiObetyiii (1521144482) purple / statuscolor
  12. rallying And you are the owner
  13. Mido

    My Design

    Wonderful designer I liked your work.
  14. I liked that idea has been applied in order to the learn thank you http://e7sas.ml/mido/
  15. Permission is not required as long as everything about "xat"
  16. The idea of nice but you must add English instead of the Turkish language Really i liked this your idea Continued to your creativity
  17. Everyone wants to fixed this http://www.xatech.com/web_gear/chat/chat.swf?id=5&xc=2336&cn=731150710&gb=7VcYp2&gn=xat_test to [chat:728:486:id=5&xc=2336&cn=731150710&gb=7VcYp2&gn=xat_test] i know this code work [chat:728:486:5:xat_test] this [chat:728:486:id=5&xc=2336&cn=731150710&gb=7VcYp2&gn=xat_test] to solve a problem sign in to auto sign in
  18. my girlfriend has been deceived by someone who claims and defrauded on her and taking of which the powers and then went and did not appear after and when open again transfer all powers no longer to restore power to its owner and shows he thief please must take appropriate action as quickly as before attempting to trade in these powers iiLoveuuii give purple,namecolor,nameglow,statuscolor,status,red,blue,green,light,statusglow to ahmedkampa Please take appropriate action against this thief and reply on this ticket id : 73515832 I hope the powers back to it again
  19. i really liked dominoes ,most egyptians love this game will make a lot of attention to her while chatting and playing is friendly funniest really deserves attention
  20. The idea is beautiful and add the command in bot
  21. 6 days in this problem worrisome
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