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  1. There is a problem about deleting his account and unable to open a ticket Can one of the volunteers open his ticket to him This person's data and deleted account regname : cCcoOManDOo id : 1525875675 Email : <removed> issue: E28 account deleted
  2. nice idea deserves attention and there is no electric beam in powers i liked this suggestion , great suggest , nice OKa
  3. yes,already you can still write any name, but with the power that prevents this will be something special for all people I think it will keep the request more On this power
  4. The suggestion is very useful for personal impersonation and thefts that occur as a protection and encryption format will prevent many problems and thefts
  5. There was a theft and a scam through this chat
  6. this chat is fake and scam and stealing by Name of the original Chat the fake : http://xat.com/Mosa3edeh the orginal : http://xat.com/mosa3adeh Take action quickly to protect members from scams, fraud and theft
  7. I liked this suggestion but its implementation is difficult in xat.com because there are volunteers to help with this through the ticket
  8. Today my Birthday and also mother day i love this day

    1. Chelly


      Happy birthday!

    2. Crow


      Happy Birthday and best wishes!

    3. oka


      Happy Birthday Bro (hug) <3 

  9. There are one tries to open a ticket and but the problem "Unable to create a ticket. Please correct errors below and try again!" I've told him Delete Cookies and did it and did not change after the same message "Unable to create a ticket. Please correct errors below and try again!" please open ticket for help username : iiiinasmaiiii id : 1498451988 email : <removed> please help for this i assistance tried and failed I know you will say Make sure the subject is 5 words or more and that it is being opened under "Report Scam". To see for yourself <removed> We tried more than once, no one says try again
  10. This chat http://xat.com/mosa3edah impersonate official chat and the orginal http://xat.com/mosa3adeh The person impersonating the owner Prankster this Mo7ameedOKa (1521718156) the original Mo7amedOka (1143430131) this Mo7ameedOKa (1521718156) stolen powers from iiObetyiii (1521144482) purple / statuscolor
  11. rallying And you are the owner
  12. Mido

    My Design

    Wonderful designer I liked your work.
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