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  1. Hello again everyone,


    So, I received some backlash for using a tablet in my entries, due to it being misconstrued as a form of cheating. So, for the purposes of proving that having a tablet, in itself, does not significantly improve the quality of my doodles (in regards to the shading + general neatness) and to challenge myself I attempted to re-do my Vaporeon entry (the more difficult out of the two, in my opinion) using only a mouse. Please note this is not a re-submission as those are against the guidelines, this is me simply trying to prove a point. Please do not count this as a submission for the contest and do not judge it. 





    Full chat  (The lack of dood should confirm that no tablet was used in this)


    (Bella said I could do this, just to clarify that I'm not breaking any rules)


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  2. 10 minutes ago, Christy said:

    I'm still not EXACTLY quite sure, hey @Dimplez so I just still wanted to make sure: The contest is still going, right? From your update, you wanted the people you listed to pick someone (other than themselves or any of the others you've listed) whose Doodle they liked out of the entries. Right? Or do we, only the ones listed in your update, pick from ALL including the ones you've listed (but excluding ourselves)?


    Is this a new phase of the contest, or what? Because if so, I thought the contest wasn't over until the end of the month? (And if it's something unrelated, then why post it in this thread?)


    EDIT: Also, what's a 'trend event'? Is this just something I don't know about because I'm not familiar with the forums?

    I'm also a bit confused. I'm wondering why only certain people have been chosen and how this affects this contest? I think if it was for an entirely different contest then it should have been left until closer to when the new contest would begin, since we still have over two weeks until this one is officially meant to end. 


    Also I'm guessing a trend event is a name that Dimple has given for these types of contests? If not then I'm not sure. 

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  3. 8 minutes ago, Youkai said:

    And here i am, drawing with my mouse :'(

    Your Mareep is very cute though. I admire anyone who can draw well with a mouse- I certainly don't have the patience for it! Mind you, I tend to use a trackpad. If I tried to use an external mouse I'm not sure what the results would be (wary) 


    If this is the sort of thing you like to do often though a tablet is a good investment.

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  4. 8 hours ago, Madison said:



    What type of magical tablet are you using and where can I buy one


    Lol, it's a relatively basic graphics tablet. If you just look up Wacom you'll see the sort of range they have- I use a bamboo, which is quite a few years old now. 


    Also the fact that I've been using doodle for a few years helps :) 

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  5. If you're around school/university age, you probably would have been subjected to a hellish couple of months studying for and taking exams. Perhaps you're already experiencing the wonderful world of actually having to work in order to survive, and have managed to get some time off. Maybe you escaped from prison, who knows? The question still remains the same: what will you be doing to celebrate your time off?



  6. Well, there are a few things that make me happy :d:

    • Saying hello to the neighbourhood cats 
    • Trying out some tasty new recipes
    • Having a swell old time with friends
    • Bathing in the blood of my enemies
    • Listening to some relaxing music

    What a nice post!

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  7. This is a creative idea, but I don't think a lot of people are really feline it.


    I'll get my (fur) coat. 


    In all seriousness, I think it would be hard to distinguish the pattern at such a small scale, and I think the texture would look a bit weird in comparison with the general style of pawns/powers that xat has.

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  8. 16 hours ago, Flake said:


    why on earth are u using me as an ingredient? sikc photoshop skills though





    You're not gold- you're iron at best.


    Also if you're not going to be doing the challenge then get out of my kitchen! :@ 

  9. Hello, my name is Paya Ramsey. I am one of the best chefs in the Xat world and current holder of the world record for most consecutive swear words used as an insult. 


    Today on this episode of Xat's Kitchen I would like you to make me a meal worthy of Michelin-Starred restaurants using the ingredients in this mystery box (I know this is a reference to Masterchef and not Hell's Kitchen but I am Paya Ramsey and can break the rules). 


    Here are the steps needed to complete this challenge:

    1. Go to http://www.random.org/ and use the 'True Random Number Generator' located near the top of the page. 
    2. Set the min as '1' and the max as '12'
    3. Use the generator four times so that you get the numbers of the four ingredients you will use in your delicious meal. Make sure to screenshot these as proof.
    4. Say what your meal will be in your responses below.


    Here it is, the mystery box:



    1. Chicken

    2. Potatoes

    3. Stilton cheese

    4. Surstromming (known as one of the smelliest foods)

    5. Carrots

    6. Crickets

    7. Spaghetti

    8. Century egg

    9. Bratwurst

    10. Tomatoes

    11. Asparagus

    12. Edible gold flakes because your clients are attending a Michelin-Starred restaurant and are probably pretentious enough to expect this on their food. 


    I also give you permission to use any sauces, herbs and spices you want, but you must use ALL of your base ingredients in your dish. 


    Good luck with the challenge. 



    P.S You guys had better reply because I actually put effort into this.

  10. 15 hours ago, Elie said:

    Pancake Day is every day and all over the world.


    If you're having pancake day every day you are not showing a real appreciation for pancakes. No, you must dedicate an entire day to the glory of pancakes. That way it remains special. 


    In reality, it's actually just Shrove Tuesday. We just all eat pancakes because we need more reasons to eat food that's bad for us. 

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  11. Hi I'm here to post a holiday that is an ancient tradition within the Papaya clan and infinitely better than Flake's holiday in all aspects. 


    During this holiday every Saturday we would buy Pick 'n Mix, stay up late while our mother wasn't home and watch Spongebob before it made people lose the will to live. 


    This holiday is perfect for remembering the 'good old days' and crying over your lost youth even though you are only 19.


    Hope you enjoyed my stellar holiday suggestion!




    In all seriousness, Pancake Day and Guy Fawkes Night are pretty important in the UK. 


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